Has anyone in Kolkata cleared UPSC without coaching?

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Students in Kolkata who have cleared UPSC without coaching

In this article you will get to know about the students in Kolkata who have cracked their UPSC exam without any coaching and their strategy and planning to do so. You will also get to know about the various sources from which they took help.

Introduction to UPSC CSE

UPSC is one of the most difficult exams in India to crack and it is a necessary exam if you want to become an IAS officer. There are many students who aspire to become an IAS officer and Lacs of students give UPSC exam every year. But there are only around 800 students who get selected and get training for becoming an IAS officer. Being an IAS officer is one of the greatest careers in the government sector and it gives you an opportunity to bring a change in your country. You get a lot of responsibilities and authorities in the administration sector along with a good income. It takes a lot of hard work to become an IAS officer. You need determination and consistency to prepare for it. Sometimes students provide themselves with coaching as it helps in planning a strategy and guiding them with their preparation. It provides notes and other study material too. Although it is completely not necessary to join a coaching as self study is a great tool for achieving your goals and there are many students who have cleared their UPSC exam without any coaching.

In UPSC CSE 2019 Plutus IAS has Given Maximum Selection the IAS Exam. Out of 80 students, 43 have cracked the IAS Exam.

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Kolkata students who cleared UPSC without coaching

There are a lot of students in Kolkata who have cleared their UPSC exam without any coaching. It is definitely not an impossible task to prepare without coaching. It is just a myth that coaching is necessary. If you have a good support system and proper strategy for your self, then you do not require any coaching to clear the exam. Just make proper notes for yourself and collect syllabus from the right sources.

Sources from which students took help

Many students from Kolkata did self study and cracked their UPSC exam. The benefit of self study is that you can prepare at the comfort of your home and there is no need to travel and shift places for nice coaching. You also need not pay thousands and Lacs of rupees to get a coaching that provides quality education. These days all of the study material is provided on the internet. You just need to find the correct sources or websites to get the study material. Many students took help from these online websites to get their doubts cleared and understand the concepts properly.

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Some of the websites are provided below:

First in the list is-

Plutus IAS

It is a very well known coaching institutes which provides with online coaching and also various courses if a student does not want to take any coaching. It has a great faculty from top institutes like DU, JNU etc who provide with great lecture videos with top quality education. These courses are great for the students who want to prepare by self study as they help in clearing their doubts and better understanding.

Contact- http://www.plutusias.com

Second in the list is-

The Hindu zone

It is also a great website which provides with courses of top education. The lectures and notes are from the best sources and are made for the preparation of students at home. It also provides courses and notes for other competitive exams.

Contact- http://www.thehinduzone.com

Third in the list is-


This website provides with study material and notes which are very low cast and very confused and conceptual notes. There are notes available on every subject and topics. Students from Kolkata have taken a lot of hell from these pdf notes and achieved their goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Contact- http://www.onlinekhanmarket.com

Fourth in the list is-

Study material- Our education

Many students from Kolkata have bought notes from this website and it a very good website to get quality study material. This website has good reviews from students and it’s notes are very understandable and clears all doubts of the students. This website also has a list of some of the best coaching centers in Kolkata if you want to join.

Contact –http://Studymaterial.oureducation.in

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