History builds us or spoils us?

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History builds us or spoils us?

History is anything that relates an individual to his/her past. History always reminds a human to know what he was in his past and what he is now. If we take our past and can find what all mistakes that we have committed than we can be able to build a fantastic future, as we can learn from our mistakes.

History will always build us. As, we take India’s history which consisted of social-religious practices like untouchability, caste system, sati system, child marriage and what not. But then we came to know that such practices must be stopped and we took necessary steps for that. This helped us to build such a society that was free of such evil practices. Thus, history helped us to build our society.

Similarly, in the ancient times woman was given a low priority and because of this female infanticide arose. People would kill the girl child before she comes into this world. Woman was ill treated and her education was not given any importance. Then, several laws were made for the upliftment of woman, not only her ill treatment was controlled but she was given right to education.

Many NGO’s were made that helped woman a lot. Thus, people were made to realize that they need to give equal importance and rights to a woman as that of man. And, again history builds us.

People made small children to work in their factories like fire cracker. These children were treated badly and were not given food to eat. Then, government came forward and made those people guilty who made children their labours.

Thus, from these practices which we came to know our faults and we took steps to remove them. Thus, history helped us to build a good society and indeed a good nation.
History can also lead to spoiling us if we continue to practice in the same way as we do and don’t take necessary steps to eradicate our faults. If we continue to practice in the same way as we are doing than we will degrade ourselves a lot.

We will give acceptance to those practices that are practiced since ancient times. Hence, in this case it will lead to spoiling ourselves and indeed spoiling the society.

Thus, we come to a conclusion that if we learn from our history what all faults we have committed and are able to overcome them than History surely builds us otherwise spoilage is the ultimate end. This will stuck the individual than the society and then wholly spoiling the nation.

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15 Responses to History builds us or spoils us?

  1. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    History is the collection of the human progress house. It is impossible for us to return in the past and to change something. But the thing we can do that is to learn our faults which are committed by humans. It cannot change the past but surely it can change the future. So, I think that history builds us and how we forget the famous line for history : ” History repeats itself”…

  2. Amit Kumar says:

    All I can say is- History haunts us.
    I don’t think history affects us nowadays. Its just a refection of our past. Time has changed, people have changed, world has changed. If you will keep exploring history just to learn something, that’s just a foolish waste of time. We dint have the sort of ADVANCED EVERYTHING as we have now.
    Yesterday has past, tomorrow can never be predicted and today is gift, that is why it is called PRESENT.

  3. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    History build us not spoil us. No one learn all the things from his birth. We learn many things from our mistakes. Experience comes from committing mistakes. History is that what we did in our past. So, it is only the history which tells us that at present, what we are doing is right or wrong.

  4. preeti nisha says:

    History is an image reflector of past human affairs. Its the chronological arrangement of time which reminds us about our past acts and deeds and how time changes the world around us. History surely builds us for whatever development we can achieve today is in a sense a learning of the past. History teaches us many things. Its history from “civilizations and kingdoms” we are now talking about trains,metros,jets and rockets.What our ancestors have faced is an account of experience for us through history. We learn from our mistakes and follow the good wills. If we don’t learn from our history(past) they we surely condemn to repeat the same mistakes.Though there are a few customs that we still follow just because they are being followed since historical times but hold on – haven’t revolutions and changes been there. It depends on us to learn the good and eradicate the bad. What we do today is the history tomorrow! No doubt history builds us.

  5. Manisha Chawla says:

    History is something that make us learn things from our past. It helps us in building new features in ourselves and make correct use of our past experiences. We learn so many or we can say almost everything from our ancestors like the way of doing any kind of work, making relations, understanding world etc. So history definitely builds us and not spoils us.

  6. Chandreyee Ghosh says:

    History always tells us about our past. It helps to remember all our failures and success. So that we can take lessons from our faults and never repeat those in future and the success encourages us to become more successful. But it can also has reverse effect. Sometime our achievements in past makes us so proud that it restricts us to get much more in future. So it’s completely upto us that whether we want to remember our past as an encouragement or not. So History can make our life and also can spoil it. But it depends completely on what we actually want from it.

  7. Aditya Kundan says:

    History is a mirror which reflects our ancestors deeds, an account of their activities which play integral part in the development of future generations.It’s our past which shows us the corrective measures to be adopted in times of difficulties.History is a blend of both the best and worst examples of humanity. It’s us what we decide to take up or inherit. Their are certain examples which motivate us to be a good samaritan, and some which endorse dictatorship. We should be prudent enough to distinguish between good and bad. Learning from our past mistakes can make us gain perfection and lead a life with true human values.We have got to see a number of great warriors, thinkers, philosophers, people with extraordinary wisdom from the pages of our history, which have been the greatest source of inspiration for us for ages.Their have been scientists with unmatched charisma whose inventions have shocked the world. At the same time rulers like Hitler and Nepolean depict how cruel a person can be, how inhuman he can be,how insane he can be! It’s upto us to take the best way and make out future bright.

  8. boopathy sathish says:

    history ancient experience sure will build us …. and make us to grow

  9. Palash Jain says:

    History build us bcoz we can learn many things from the mistakes. And rectify it in future

  10. Dhanshree Ketkar says:

    History builds us bcoz we can learn a lot from history and rectify our mistakes.

  11. Mahima Sharma says:

    History will always build us because we alwayz learn from our past. 🙂
    Nice Article ! 🙂

  12. chitranshi dhaneshwar says:

    History belongs to us and history will always give advantage for future.

  13. lubna khan says:

    History is past through which can learn a lot and rectify our mistakes.

  14. Akanksha Chaturvedi says:

    What i think we should knw ant our past,about our existence but still we should not always waste our time in learning or following our history but we should try to change our future to make it better and livable 🙂

  15. poorva gupta says:

    Well it is something which reminds us about everything of the past…it is upon us what history we create..if we do good things in the past then definately it will build us and not destroy us !

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