How can I crack the NMAT MBA exam in just one month?

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Getting through an MBA exam is overwhelming. Not only does it open doors to reputed institutes, but also allows exploring multiple job opportunities, which can give a head start into a glorious life. However, preparing for these exams can be time consuming. Managing studies and preparation takes a toll on your regular life and can be exhausting. Given that there is just a month remaining for your exams, it is essential that you stay organised, focused, and optimize that time you have at hand.

The NMAT is easily one of the most important exams that get you into the NMIMS colleges across the country. The test difficulty is average compared to other exams and is basically about the speed with which you solve those questions at hand. If you manage yourself well over a period of time, you would be able to clear the exams with a good percentile which would get into that college easily.

NMAT Exam Categories:

  • Language skills
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Logical Reasoning

Total Time Allocated:

  • 120 Minutes

The exam is divided into 3 categories. Language skills, quantitative skills, and logical reasoning. The total time allocated for the exam is 120 minutes and that is all you get to prove your skills. To get through the exam, you need to keep aside everything that you have been doing and get into the pool heads on. Get hold of books such as Arun Sharma for quant section, sample papers from previous years for the logical reasoning section, and newspapers for the language section.


Practice Papers can prove helpful:

Attempt as many practice papers as you can in the stipulated time such that you can figure out where you stand on a generic scale. The exam helps you understand your strong and weak areas which are essential because you would need to work harder on the weaker ones.

Learn some tips and short tricks to solve questions faster:

Figure out solutions which would help you solve it faster. There are tips and tricks everywhere. However, devising your own strategy can help you understand the concept better and clear that exam easily.

Solve Online NMAT Exam Papers:

Pick out the sample NMAT exam papers and solve it online and on paper. The sooner you do that the better it gets.

Time Management:

Optimize the time at hand to revise the topics that you have covered. You could be stronger on one point but that doesn’t mean that you ignore that.  You have to work on a particular subject or topic for a fixed time.


Revision is the key and should be paid attention to.  You have to brush up the basics. All topics that you have already prepared should be well digested and clear to you.

Work on logics and speed:

Focus on speed and multiple brainstorming logic. It would be exhausting when you are practicing it, but it proves to be important and makes the ordeal easier for you on the exam day!


Keep you mind healthy and stress free during last week of the preparation as healthy mind keeps you morally high. You should also look for the best books that help prepare for the exam within one month.


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