How do I prepare for the entrance exam for the direction course in FTII

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FTII Film and Television Institute of India is located in Pune. It is one of the most reputable film institutes. FTII entrance exam is now converted to JET exam pattern. This offline exam includes 2 sections (Objective and Descriptive).

Section A: General Aptitude Test Covers:

  • General Awareness
  • Mental Ability (Abstract Reasoning and Math)
  • Indian History, Arts, Culture, Cinema, TV




Things to brush up:

An aspirant interested to prepare for the entrance exam for the direction course in FTII must have an overall interest and understanding of the medium throughout their life. The various fields from which questions are asked during the written can be closely studied by analyzing the question papers.

One can download them from the institute’s website. Aspirants can study the Manorama Yearbook in 2017 to brush up on current affairs and general knowledge. A basic book on film studies like Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson or How to read a film by James Monaco will help understand the film movements, contributions from filmmakers of different nations, shot divisions etc.

You can read 5Cs of Cinematography that is all based on the various or almost all aspects associated with film making. Reading this book can be quite helpful to you. There are so many books available that are associated with filmmaking, you should read them. You have to read a lot. Whether it is books, newspapers or blogs, you should read absolutely right things.


Watching movies of Martin Scorcese, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa, Ritwik Ghatak, Satyajit Ray and much more can be fruitful in so many ways.  You can prepare notes on what you experience and see and jot down your experience about these good and bad reactions whenever you watch such movies.

Reading about popular filmmakers and their life stories can be very interesting way to prepare for the exam.


Better focus on the specific aspect of the exam. You cannot predict good marks in GK section as there is no fixed pattern or topics but you can score well in section B so better focus more on it.


Previous years papers or question papers can help in preparing for the exam. You need practice these questions.

You should browse so many popular you tube channels based on film analysis and making. Reading newspaper can help prepare for GK and current affairs. You can also refer good GK books to get vast information.

You should also look for the right coaching institute where you can get coaching assistance and get yourself prepared for cracking the exam.


Some important information

  • Admission is a three-tier process, starting with the written. Once you score a certain percentage in the written exam, there is an orientation program.
  • The memoranda, which the institute administers with students chosen on the merits of written text, continues 3-4 days. During the orientation, the interest, aptitude, and skill needed for entry to the particular department are evaluated in general by experts and faculties
  • Last comes the interview where the candidates are questioned by panel, consisting of the Institute’s dean, director, HODs from diverse departments and an industry professional.



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