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UPSC CSE is one of the toughest exams in India and IAS is a very reputed post. Many students aspire to become IAS officers and lakhs of students prepare for the UPSC exam for it. This is because becoming an IAS officer comes with a lot of perks and benefits. It gives you a lot of authorities and a lot of responsibilities with it. It also has a lot of monetary perks and you have the control over administration department where you can work for the development of the nation and its People. But, among them only approx 800 students are selected all over India. Cracking the UPSC exam is a work of lot of hard work, determination and consistency. Not everyone is able to crack it and there is rarely anybody who is able to crack UPSC in it’s first attempt. There are three rounds- Prelims, Mains and the Interview round. There is a huge syllabus of UPSC and infinite sources to gather it. It takes a lot of time to find the correct sources, narrow them down and then learn that syllabus. Regular revision, time table, strategy, notes, key points, targets, etc., everything is important for you to prepare for the UPSC exam. Cracking UPSC CSE is not the final step but the first step as after becoming an IAS officer you have a lot of responsibilities and challenges that are a lot more difficult than cracking the exam. You need to have a lot of qualities other than academic and intelligence for becoming anĀ  IAS officer.

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here are many coaching centers in Mumbai that are very popular and provide with the best coaching and guidance for IAS. Coaching helps you provide with a mentor and good faculty which can guide you through in achieving your goal. Although there are many IAS officers who are self made and have not taken help of any coaching. So, it is definitely not a compulsion to join a coaching center. Everyone has a different strategy and it is completely up to one’s suitibilty to join a coaching center or not. If you feel like you can get the right guidance and syllabus at home, manage your time and plus if you are good at your optional subject, then you need not join any coaching center and self study is the best option for you. As for Mumbai, many people choose Delhi as the first option for coaching and other sources . It is because it is the hotspot for all the government. But Mumbai is a great city with many opportunities and resources. It has many great IAS officers and teachers who provide with great coaching. There is no doubt that Mumbai has a lot of talents. So it is only a myth that you can have the best coaching only at Delhi. Mumbai provides with excellent and top ranked coaching centers with best facility and faculty. These coaching centers provide with great mentorship and guide you through your preparation. It also provides with the right sources to gather information and syllabus so that you don’t have to face problems in finding correct syllabus.

In UPSC CSE 2019 Plutus IAS has Given Maximum Selection the IAS Exam. Out of 80 students, 43 have cracked the IAS Exam.

Plutus IAS Best IAS Coaching

There are many coaching institues which are good at providing IAS coaching in Mumbai and the top one among them is Plutus IAS.

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It is one of the best coaching centers in India and it has branches in Mumbai. It provides with great staff, study material and excellent facilities. It also provides with online coaching for optionals, essays and general studies. Online coaching is one of the main source of learning especially in this covid-19 pandemic. It also has only 40 students per batch which makes understanding easier. It provides you with mentors who guide you through your preparations and provide with study material so that you do not have to dig over infinite sources for syllabus. It also conducts mock tests which help you to learn from your mistakes and do revision properly. It has great faculty which is qualified from top universities like DU, JNU, etc and also have a great experience in the field of career.

There are also a lot of other coaching centers who provide with coaching but these days all the coaching centers are providing online coaching due to covid-19 pandemic so everyone can study at the comfort of your home.

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Best Online IAS Coaching


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