How is work life balance in SBI PO?

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In our banking sector SBI PO job is considered as a great job. Many of Indian students have dream to be SBI PO but this is not easy.  Only few of students get selected in this exam and start their career as probationary officer in the India’s most reputed public sector bank “State Bank of India”. There are so many reasons that make this job position tempting and interesting.  SBI PO salary and ample of opportunities are the perks associated with it. Candidates can get training and develop skills that make them good at banking. But how is work life balance in SBI PO? Does he/she have work life balance?  This is a normal aspect that many candidates think about.

SBI PO is a prestigious job and you will find it as a comfortable job. You will surely like this comfortable job profile.  It assures job security as this a government job. This job demands a lot from you and that’s why this article is all about you. There are so many points to consider when it comes to talk about SBI PO work life balance.

This job profile is not easy and exam is hard to crack.  After hard preparation, you get selected and you have to spend at least 9-10 hours. This is highly demanding work and you have so many responsibilities. They have to keep the branch operating smoothly and it needs dedication, patience and time.

You have to do the complex nature of work and it increases drastically twice in a year. When quarter ends work responsibilities increase. It also becomes hard to manage at the end of financial year. During this complex environment SBI PO Work Life Balance does not really exist. There is only work to be done during these times.

There are so many other factors that affect SBI PO work life balance. Examinations and training also affect it. When you get selected for this position, you are required to complete many of online learning programs, e-lessons, and study for certifications like CAIIB, JAIIB and much more. These certifications are not easy and you have to devote time. You have to study in order to clear these exams. If you want promotion, you have to study. You may have to spend whole weekends in preparation for these certifications preparation. SBI PO hardly has time for other things.

SBI PO may feel tired and drained after several hours spending in bank. They have to do lots of complex tasks associated with banking and it makes them tired. However it depends on the individuals how they take their jobs.  Some POs find this work interesting so they keep themselves motivated and enjoy their work. But at the same time other will not enjoy their job and feel tired and exhausted with it.


So SBI PO Work Life Balance concept varies from PO to PO or differs from person to person. Those who can work for several hours without getting tired, they can enjoy their life as well. They can spend good times with family and friends. This is how it may be vary from person to person.

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