How to prepare upsc mains with mathematics as an optional subject

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Hello guys, she will be discussing how to prepare UPSC mains with mathematics as an optional subject. We will discuss the tips and tricks to crack UPSC examination with maths as an optional subject. We will help you devise the strategy for the mathematics as an optional subject in the UPSC Mains examination.

Mathematics optional subject in UPSC CSE examination is like, it can either make you or break you. It can fetch you within the top 100 ranks in the UPSC CSE examination.

Strategies on how to prepare UPSC mains examination with mathematics as an optional subject 2019

Why mathematics is the optional subject in the Mains examination? If you want some kind of food production and solid meaning behind it with a good model then you need a candidate with mathematics background. This is the reason that people with the mathematics optional have a good chance of securing a good rank in UPSC examination because not many people take mathematics as an optional.

The beauty with mathematics optional is either you will win are you will not.

With other all subjects like Anthropology, quality, humanity you will not be aware of how much marks you would be able to make. But, in mathematics, if you have done questions correctly then you would easily get 60 to 70% marks. This is the beauty of UPSC CSE with mathematics optional.

how to crack upsc with mathematics as an optional subject

To clear UPSC civil services examination maths paper you have to follow these steps:-

1. The first thing that you should do is to Develop a thorough knowledge of the syllabus – Mathematics optional

I just cannot emphasize it anymore that if you want to prepare for UPSC mains with mathematics optional then you should know mathematics syllabus. You should know the paper structure and the different topics covered into it.

The syllabus of for UPSC so vast if you go for the extras, it may be possible that you won’t be able to touch the bare minimum requirement for the mathematics as an optional subject in the examination.

2. Select the right reference book for mathematics option within the UPSC CSE examination

Students need to required in focus to meet you because the civil services with mathematics is very vast.

You should definitely follow the IAS books for mathematics if you are preparing for civil services prelims and Mains examination.

Best books for mathematics civil optional for civil services mains exam

1.Linear Algebra
Schaum Series (3000 solved problems book)
2. Calculus and Real Analysis
S.C Malik and Savita Arora
Shanti Narayana
3. 3-D Geometry
4. Ordinary Differential Equations
M.D. Raisinghania
Ian Sneddon
5. Vector Analysis
A.R. Vasista
Schaum Series
6. Algebra
Joseph A. Gallian
Shramik Sen Upadhyay
7. Complex Analysis
Schaum Series
J.N. Sharma
Ponnu Swami
8. Linear Programming
Shanti Swarup
Kanti Swarup
9. Numerical Analysis
Jain and Iyenger
K. Shankar Rao
S.S. Shasthry
10. Computer Programming
Raja Raman
11. Dynamics & Statics
A.R. Vasista
M. Ray
12. Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics
M.D. Raisinghania
R.K. Gupta
J.K. Goyal and K.P. Gupta

3. Focus on the important topics for mathematics optional in UPSC CSE

Mathematics is all about concepts. So focussing on the important topics and concepts will help you to work on other unknown i.e. completely new topics.

If you are someone who has not done graduation with mathematics then
  1. You should first read the mathematics NCERT books of class 11th and 12th
  2. Then pick up 2 reference book to make your base for the UPSC mathematics optional.
  3. Analyze the syllabus of UPSC CSE with maths as an optional and then work systematically.
If you are someone who has done graduation in mathematics be it be engineering, BSc mathematics, MSc mathematics then you should follow below steps
  1. Read the syllabus for early and go to the previous year questions of UPSC CSE with maths as an optional subject.
  2. Because you have a degree in mathematics don’t be overconfident for the examination.
  3. Devise your strategy better so that you can score maximum marks in paper 1 and Paper 2 of the optional.
  4. Because this subject i.e. mathematic optional is your strength tried to cover the familiar topics also.


How to score good marks in IAS examination with mathematics as an optional subject 

  1. In mathematics, only one thing to score high is practice and practice and practice. There is saying practice makes the man perfect.
  2. In case you want assistance from the best IAS coaching institute for mathematics optional than you can go for analog IAS coaching for Maths or IMS because these institutes are having expertise with mathematics optional.
  3. Solved previous year question paper as much as you can. If you have solved a good number of previous year question papers of mathematics optional then there is a chance of getting above 350 + marks mathematics optional.
  4. Make the notes and formula copy separately. This is must for the UPSC Mains examination with optional mathematics.
  5. Practice the problems which are being repeatedly asked in the previous year examinations.

6. Join the test series. It will help you in evaluating your preparation for your examination.

Who should opt for the mathematics optional in UPSC CSE examination

  • If you are someone who has a passion for mathematics you have scored between the row in the past then you should definitely give it a try.
  • If you can devote extra time to the subject that is the mathematics hen you should definitely opt for it. The reason being, the extra time for, the kind of marks obtained with this maths optional will get compensated.
  • If you are BTech and BSC graduate. Many IITians also take mathematics as an optional subject in the UPSC examination.

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