How to Become Diplomat

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Diplomat is a person who is the government official in Indian Foreign Service. He has to play many important roles which includes, dealings with the country’s external affairs and also towards the trade and culture relations as well. Some are economists, some are health care specialists .This is basically a Central Government Service. The basic job of a diplomat is to maintain political, economic and social relations with other countries. A diplomat should be skilled enough to handle delicate issues as political affairs are one of the most sensitive areas of any nation.

Well if someone wants to become a diplomat or want to qualify the exam he or she needs to get through the civil services examinations which is conducted by the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) . As each and every post requires some criterion so do this post as well . Few general things includes that candidate must have done graduation in any subject. But in order to understand the administrative services better if one does graduation in subjects like political science, history or economics it would be more useful.

This requires to be strong in any of the subjects provided by the institute. If he is not so much strong in academics he can never get through this exam. After obtaining a graduation degree on political science, one needs to qualify the Foreign Service exam in order to acquire the position of a diplomat.

The examinations are held in two levels or phases:-
Preliminary phase

Preliminary level:

For this round the candidate would need to give the exams of two papers. One paper would include the civil services paper which would be consisting of indian history, geography , indian politics , indian civics and etc. And the paper 2 one would be dealing with the english and reasoning part. Mostly comprehension passages, interpersonal skills, analytical reasoning, problem solving , data and interpretation problems including bar, graphs charts etc which in turn would consists of communication as well.

Mains or final level:

Now the candidate after being qualified from the preliminary round is allowed to go through the final level. This exams of final mostly happen in the month of December. In this the candidate has to pass through again the two papers. One paper would be consisting of english and the other would comprises of any one Indian language papers, two general studies paper and four paper on two optional subjects.This all papers would be essay type questions and finally after getting through all this they would be judge by the expert through an interview.

Not only the academics part but also their physical and mental fitness, behavior towards the people , thinking about the society everything is taken into account. The problem of risk taking , problem solving is also taken into consideration. Every qualities like that of leadership, motivation is seen and then finally the diplomat is selected.
every year 25 to 30 around individuals are selected on the basis of merit .

There are different colleges all over the globe that offers Foreign Service education to students so that they can realize their dreams to serve their nation. As mentioned earlier a diplomat should be fluent in some foreign languages as they may meet people from many countries with different culture and lifestyles. So a candidate applying for the same should be proficient enough with all these qualities. After completing the course offered for this post one can take his or her position as a diplomat for his country.

This job can be considered as exhaustive by someone and exciting by others as it involves a lot of travelling. 50% of the time the officer needs to travel from place to place as negotiation can be with any nation. Though this job can pale in comparison to the alienation and distance of one with their family due to travelling but contributing to a nation’s harmony can overpower all these worries. The job of a diplomat is a very prestigious one as their work will decide the relationship of other countries with them. For a person to become a diplomat extensive personality and character is most important and after fulfilling all the criteria’s just one needs to apply for the exam, qualify that and then become a Foreign Service officer to serve the nation with honesty and modesty.

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  1. Ranjit Singh says:

    Very illuminating article. This clearly explains every thing which is needed to become a diplomat.

  2. Soubarna Biswas says:

    Different people have different choices. So their choice of career is also different. Likewise some people choose Indian Foreign Service as their career in order to become diplomat. But every such person is not very lucky to get good guidance and counselling. This article is very informative and will be very helpful for those person.

  3. Rashmi Rani says:

    The study of diplomat is becoming popular now a days. It had never been in demand as most of us had no idea that such a course do exists.. But by reading this article i came to know about the courses as well as the other relevant information about diplomat. diplomat is a very prestigious job and if you get in the career you will have to serve your nation with honesty and modesty which is the main aim of a diplomat as explained in this article.

  4. Kriti Das says:

    Very informative article.Not many of us would have planed to become a diplomat but after going through this article we will have second thoughts for sure.This particular article on how to become an diplomat talks about every feel and fact associated with being a diplomat.Welll written.

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