How to get TOEFL certificate

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TOEFL certificate is the proof of the hard work and efforts of the students as it is obtained only after passing the exam. Students need to wait for ten days to access their score on the official site as they will get intimation via email. Students need to link their personal email id to the website They can view the score by clicking view score from the menu.

The official TOEFL certificate is sent to the students by mail within 13 days after taking the test. The students in the US will receive the certificate within 7 to 10 days, but students across the world will receive it after 15 days or longer (months). Students need to check with the local post office to know the accurate time duration for a correspondence to reach from the USA.  The TOEFL certificate is valid for two years, but some institutions may insist on taking test 18 months prior to the submission of the certificate. The ETS conducts the TOEFL exam for providing a certificate to the students that are important for;



  • Students aspiring to get admission into courses offered by universities abroad.
  • The migration services that provide people with a residence permit or work permit.
  • The medical licensing agencies for certification,
  • People who have obtained work abroad to show the English proficiency to the employers.

TOEFL Certification

Students must never confuse the TOEFL certificate with the TOEFL certification as it is for institutions who offer TOEFL coaching to guide students. The TOEFL certification gives authority to the institution to administer TOEFL at a language school, library, university, or even a business with a computer lab. The institution is accredited by ETS.

How TOEFL Test Preparation Apps can help?

If you are planning for taking TOEFL teaching certification online, then this guide can help. There are so many sources that help get enrolled in free TOEFL course. You can study TOEFL online as there are so many apps available to prepare for the exam. These apps let you prepare for the exams from everywhere at any time. Some apps offer you section wise testing with ranking and analysis. You can get complete TOEFL practice package in the form of these apps.

You can also easily find the apps for vocabulary preparation. These are offline apps and let you prepare for the exam in easy manner. You just need to download these apps and you can use them at any time as internet access is not actually required to access it. You can prepare for TOEFL iBT reading practice test with these practice test.

If you want to improve the TOEFL score, these apps can help. You should search and download the best free apps available in Google play store for TOEFL preparation.  You can focus on all the aspects reading, listening, speaking and much more.  You should also join the online courses and choose the best TOEFL books to score more.


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