How to prepare for IELTS speaking

How to prepare for IELTS speaking

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IELTS has been recognized as one of the most important exams when it comes to applying for courses abroad or even migrating to other countries.How to prepare for IELTS speaking Comprising of four distinct tests, IELTS has reading, writing, speaking and listening as the four steps to a successful validation of your English linguistic skills.

How to prepare for IELTS speaking

When it comes to speaking though, a lot of people falter because of poor communication skills. It is difficult to speak in English for obvious reasons if that is not your first language. However, it is not impossible given that more than half of the population in our country prefers a local language as a common one for communication.

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If you want to scale that mountain called IELTS, you can take up multiple practice papers which will help you prepare for the D-Day. You can try reading out books aloud to improve the diction. You can try reading easy words which will help you get hold of the complex ones. Best coaching for IELTS.


Oral interview can be the best part to score well. You can find sample questions online to rehearse speaking part.  You have to speak clearly and correctly with confidence so that you can respond to each and every question. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some questions that help understand the types of question. You can make their answer more interesting by offering more than the basic information.



Given that you have to speak for about 15 minutes, you can prepare the below questions for obvious reasons:

  • Speak about yourself and your family. It is easy and you can read out a script which has to be prepared and practiced by you


  • Given a topic, you would be required to speak about that too. Practice is the key and grabs hold of current topics which will allow a better perspective.



  • You need to elaborate on certain topics and you would have to talk endlessly about it. This adds to the weight of the score.


  • Can you describe the piece of art you like



  • Something about your hometown


  • Where do you live



  • Do you live in the house or an apartment


  • Which course do you prefer in future?



  • Why did you choose this course and what career opportunities you seek?


  • Do you work?



  • What are your hobbies and what activities you like to do in free time?


You have to prepare for the questions associated with email,  trees, photographs, seasons, pets, musical instruments, daily routine, the internet, books, birthdays,  fashion and clothing, animal, writing, sports,  public transport, weather, flowers, TV, mobile phones, museums, humour, magazines, newspapers, dreams, food,  neighbours, timings, family, free time, work, studies, home and much more.

You have to prepare for all the sections. You need to have to be clear about the objective of choosing a course that you want to study abroad. You have to prepare the answer to questions associated you, your family, hobbies, and course you choose.

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There are lots of questions available online and some of them we have mentioned in this guide. Hope it will work and you will get an idea about the efforts you need to make for preparing for IELTS speaking.

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