how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO

How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS PO

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How to Prepare Reasoning for IBPS PO in 2 months-

how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO:

Hello Friends,

Are you preparing for IBPS PO ?

If yes , then you know very well that Reasoning preparation is vital task for all students. Here we are giving you some tricks and tasks, by which you can prepare reasoning in just 2 months.

1.First understand the Structure of Exam then we will discuss how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO –

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As you Know, Now In IBPS  we have fixed  time for all Sections in the Main Exam


For Preliminary exam we have 1 hour for all sections-

Here are the structures for IBPS PO-

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Preliminary Exam Structure for IBPS PO-

Sl. No. TestName No. of Questions Marks Duration
1 Reasoning 35 35
1 hours
2 English 30 30
3 Quantitative Aptitude 35 35

Main Exam Structure for IBPS PO-

Sl. No. Test Name No. of Questions Marks Version Time Allotted to each test
1 Reasoning 50 50 English/hindi 40 Minutes

Now we have to cover at least as much as number of  questions that can help us to clear cut-off.

  1. Set your Goal while asking question how to prepare reasoning for IBPS PO-

Set your goal of  attempting at least 20-25 questions in preliminary exam and 30-35 in main exam.

  1. Check Out the Full Syllabus and important topics of Reasoning  –

Before starting preparation, you must know what topics are covered in IBPS Reasoning.

Here are some important topics with weightage, you must prepare for IBPS PO.

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Topics for Verbal Reasoning

Sl.No. Topic Weightage Time Duration
1 Analogy 1-2
2 Blood relationship 2-3 2hours
3 Inequality 3-4 2hours
4 Classification 1-2
5 Distance and Direction 2-3 1 hour
6 Series(Part-1)finding missing term

Series(Part-2)number Test







2 hour

4 hour

9 Statement and conclusion                          1-2
10 Ranking 2-3 1 hour
11 Alphabet 3-4
12 Sequential Output Tracing/Machine Input 5-6                            10 hour
13 Problem Solving/Puzzle

1.Classification Test

2.Sitting arrangement

3.Sequential order of Things

4.Family based problem puzzle

5.Comparison type Puzzle

6.Selection based puzzle

14 Argumentation 1-2
15 Assumption 2-3
16 Courses of Action 3-4 1 hour
17 Data Sufficiency 4-5 1 hour
18 Data Analysis 4-5 1 hour
19 Cause & Effect 4-5 1 hour
20 Number Test 1-2

Topics for Non Verbal ReasoningTotal hours=26 hours

Sl.No Topic Weightage Approximately time to cover topic
19 Series 4-5 2 hour
20 Analogy or Similarity 4-5 2 hour
21 Classification 2-3
27 Finding the missing figure 2-3

Total hours-4

The topics showing in green box are very important from the exam point of view because they have more weightage as comparison to other topics. So firstly you should focus on these topics.

Total time required for these topics = 30 hours.

If you practice 2 hours daily, you can cover all important topics just in 15 days remaining 45 days are for practice.

  1. Find Shortcuts and Tricks-

Here are some useful links which will help you to understand the shortcuts and tricks of all topics-


  1. Practice Previous year Questions and practice sets-

After getting and understanding the tricks always do some practice set.

For Previous year questions and practice set visit here-
Best of Luck

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