How to score good marks in CBSE 10th board examination.

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Guys, CBSE board examination are nearby. Every student want to score good marks in the board examination. Because the score card of class 10th or 12th will act as the certificate for the lifetime. So if you want to a single life you have to score well in class 10th board examination.

People take you seriously well in class 12 for 10th. In fact If you talk about the jobs in the market the companies Silchar you with the kind of squares and divisions in class 10th 12th.

Tips to score good in class 10th CBSE examination.

  1. solve the previous year question paper delicately.

The most important thing to get good score in the class 10th board examination is to solve the previous year question paper dedicately.

solve at least 10 years old question paper. Solving previous year question paper will help you in analysing your weakness . The same mistake you will not be committing in the real time board examination.

What happened when you solve previous year question paper and give mock test?

When you give the mock test and solved previous year question paper IT Act as the smart revision strategy.

Feel like not to study just go through this papers and analyse yourself whether you are able to answer these questions in the examination or not.

2. Donot much read the reference books

At this point of time when the examination is nearby only then you should not need much reference books. Undoubtedly reference book improve your knowledge base. But at this point of time your ultimate goal or motive is to score high in your examination.

3. Time management is the key.

If you want to score good marks in class 10th board examination you have to learn time management. Students who score good marks in the board examination are the one who already have learnt time management skills. If you are the one who sleep around 8 hours then you are supposed to cut it down to 5 to 6 hours.

4. Keep yourself away from any kind of distraction.

It is high time just keep yourself away from any kind of distraction like the social media, your relatives, your friends. Keep yourself away from WhatsApp and Facebook as well. This is very crucial time for you. It defines the success in your life.

5. Give importance to every subject.

It has been seen that most students do not give much emphasis on the subjects like English or Hindi. But do you know that each subject play important role in finalising your percentages class 10th. So if you want to score good in class 10th board examination you have to focus on every subject.

6. Maintain good answer writing ability.

Teachers for all check the copies in the board examination have to check many copies. Keeping this in mind, you should write your answers very clearly. Make use of diagrams if possible. Write the beautiful answer which should be very appealing and I catchy. What is what you can do is to of practice writing answers while giving your mock test.

7. Just be in competition with yourself.

At this point of the time you have to involve completely in yourself. Look where are the areas of improvement. Keep the records of all your notes and short notes with yourself. do the proper analysis of yourself and reward yourself with small small achievements while solving previous year question papers.

So guys these are the seven strategies, tips and tricks to score good in the board examination of CBSE. If you follow these steps you are likely to score very good marks in class 10th board examination in case you need any don’t forget to mention your comment in the comment box.


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