How wonderful is the journey of becoming an IAS officer in india

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How wonderful is the journey of becoming an IAS officer in India


how is the Journey of Becoming IAS officer


Stop measuring your journey with the aim of reaching the destination or not. Respect yourself a friend. Life is more important than anything else.

Just one word initially it’s difficult to get into IAS but once you become the IAS life goes on smoothly.

There is saying you cannot feel the warmth of roses until you have crossed from the Kaante.

But the journey at the other end is also not bad.

I always tell people not only look for one side of the coin. You should think of even the scenario one people won’t be able to crack the IAS examination. What kind of journey is as well? In this article, we will cover both aspects.

Benefits of Preparing IAS Exam

The worst scenario, even if you won’t be able to crack IAS examination then also life is not worst.

Why  I am saying that because I have experience that the students who have prepared for UPSC CSE examination and could not be able to clear UPSC they have ended up with some good jobs outside.

There is not an iota of doubt, be UPSC training world make you the different person. To learn to compromise when life throws different curve balls to you.

You even learn to live in a low maintenance life. The scenario makeup where you just have 2000 rupees in your pocket and you have to leave for one complete month. Maybe in Rajendra Nagar or Karol Bagh. If particularly I thought about Delhi.


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The journey becomes easy if you talk to the toppers of UPSC examination. Get connected with the UPSC toppers and get motivated that will be helpful for you to prepare for UPSC examination.

Connect herewith UPSC toppers from the year 2017 and 2018


In the journey of preparing the UPSC examination while going coaching in keep on getting the updates like how can you contribute to the nation.

After clearing UPSC examination you will get the administrative work. Like it’s going to be the answer motto of your life. But reality is not that.

Friends, trust me even if you become the IAS officer there will be the other challenges in life.

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Life is a continuous examination. It is being said that in fact, this is the most difficult examination in the world.


The relations that you have in your life make beautiful stories. Even if you study the books and notes, you feel like into the different era of your life. Later on in your life, you will feel like, learnings from the past have made you the different person.

When UPSC preparation starts, it comes up with a great dream. We start immediately starts scene yourself as the Civil Servant one day.

UPSC Journey makes you intelligent

When you prepare for civil services you study Indian history, geography political science sociology common general studies, International issues, science, ethics.

After studying this much you actually become the MA graduate.

Even in the worst scenario if you won’t be able to crack IAS examination you actually have on the lot from the journey itself.

You know what will be men emotional ups and downs that human can feel. There are times when you feel passionate about doing things and then you feel completely down at one point of time.

There is the time when you will be feeling like crying very much. But then you again come back with a bang of energy fight for your goal.

This all energy and real-life learning make you the different person friend.

So I always tell UPSC aspirants. Enjoy every moment of your life. Wockhardt, stay healthy and feel blessed.

It was a wonderful journey.

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