Avail Better job Opportunities with HP – UX Administration Training

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Firstly, HP – UX stands for Hewlett – Packard UniX. It is the proprietary implementation of the Unix Operating System and is based on UNIX System V. it was first released in the year 1984. It is the first UNIX to offer the access control lists for the file access permissions and also to include a built – in logical volume manager. The access control list was an alternative to the standard UNIX permission systems. It is having a long partnership with the Veritas Software and so integrates VxFS as the primary file system.

How does HP – UX helps?

It can continuously compute for the workloads that are very much HP – UX Administration Trainingvital to the company but with an ease. Even after rigorous computations, it can still continue to do so obviously with perfect output. It makes the mission – critical applications available for continuous operations.

What are unique features or benefits of it?

The HP – UX system provides a dynamic, highly secure and unified environment. It is actually built on the always – on resiliency demand in mission – critical servers. It is also an infrastructure which accelerates the business value and lowers the risks. It provides stability and investment protection and is highly integrated UNIX for the resiliency and ease of management.

HP – UX Administration

Under the administration, the installation, configuration and the continuous support to the servers that are running on the HP – UX Operating Environment software in a networked environment comes. But for this the person in charge of the administration of the HP – UX or can be said as the administrator must have a very good understanding of the overall environment, hardware and hardware integration, software and patch management, user and group administration, LVM and VxVM management, device and file system administration, process and backup management, internet services and NTP administration, DNS and NIS management, NFS and AutoFS administration, LDAP and security management and so on.

HP – UX Administration Training

This training course is designed in such a way so as deliver practical experiences in the administration of the HP – UX system. The practical work mainly concentrates on using the System Administration Manager in order to achieve the course objective. The skills taught in this training includes HP – UX server range, role of system administrator, system administration manager, file systems and storage, system startup and shut down, interacting with IPL, booting from alternate media, user account administration, access control lists, trusted security features, printer configuration, logical volume manager, create, modify and delete logical volumes, important LVM commands, mount / unmount file systems, filesystem layout, using swap space, the veritas volume manager, nodes and virtual partitioning, backup and restore facilities, using tar and cpio, using fbackup and frecover, incremental backups, system recovery using Ignite – UX, Background jobs and scheduling, kernel configuration, software installation, using SD commands, system logging, performance monitoring, etc.

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