IAS preparation by Law graduation student benefits

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Benefits to law graduation students of IAS preparation

Introduction to IAS

Indian administration services is the one of the most important part in the administration department. The administration department has three forces which are- Indian police service, Indian forest service and Indian administration services. There are a lot of students in India who aspire to become an IAS officer. Every year lakhs of students attempt to crack civil services but only around 800 students are selected ever year. Giving the UPSC examination also allows you to choose from a variety of sectors like revenue, defense, railway etc. Being an IAS officer gives you a lot of opportunities to work for the nation and develop it. It gives you a lot of authorities and various responsibilities along with it. It also has a lot of monetary perks with it. Although cracking the IAS exam is one of the most difficult exam in India but it is not the final step to your success but the first step. As an IAS officer you have to face a lot of challenges which is a lot more difficult than the exam and for that you to possess a certain amount of qualities like honesty, unique thinking, etc.

 Benefits of Law with civil services

It is one of the other main career choice which helps in the development of the country. It is also one of the widely chosen career options in India where one aspires to develop the nation. So if one decides to prepare for the IAS examination while doing graduation in law or after that, then it is one of the best choice as preparation of IAS officer with law is one of the best advantages because law and civil services are a lot related and you will have less difficulty in preparation of both your career. Law students have already studied logical reasoning analytical approach which will make these sections in the UPSC CSE much easier. They also have knowledge of constitutional law and other related subjects so Indian polity and governance will also be lot less difficult for them in this exam. It is not all benefits and no disadvantage for law students though. They need to focus more on numeracy, data interpretation, technology, economy, languages, comprehension etc. Optional subject should always be chosen according to the your knowledge related to it so law students can choose law as their optional which is a lot big advantage. They will have a lot of knowledge of their optional subject and they can cover the syllabus and score high in it.

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Preparation of UPSC with Law

First of all, proper understanding of the UPSC exam is lot more important before studying for it. After that you should start collecting the study material but do not study more than 2-3 books for one particular subject as it will be stressful. Firstly, you should focus on basic NCERT,s of class 6th to 12th as they create the main foundation of your preparation. You should concise your sources to gather syllabus as there are unlimited sources and a lot of syllabus and a lot of sources could confuse you. So focus on a limited resources and revise it again and again thoroughly. You should make proper notes which are short and crisp and will help you in remembering the important parts at the end of your preparation. You should also make a proper strategy and plan a time table according to your self and strictly follow it. It is better to make daily targets and focus on completing them rather than studying for long hours and hours. This will make you dull and you will not be able to focus on your studies. Also remember to read newspaper and magazine on a daily basis, as current affairs are a lot more important in your exams. Make it a habit and a part of your time table for atleast an hour. Solve previous year test papers and conduct other tests yourself to mark your progress.

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Also remember to give time to yourself and exercise and meditate daily. For that you should make a flexible time table and take breaks in between. You should give time to your friends and family as they will always help you and motivate you in your preparation.

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