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IAS toppers are listed with so many coaching, why it is so?

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Students can see advertisements of toppers listed on many coaching sites, which can lead to confusion. IAS toppers are listed with so many coaching, why it is so? It results in confusing the students who are unable to decide the right institution they can join to get good ranks.  It happens as this is the part of their promotional activities. They sell the rank of toppers to misguide the new aspirants.

New students do not use their IQ and just fall for the fake promotional activities. Most students follow the other students while choosing a coaching institute but this is not the right way to select it. The promotional team of such institutes knows the fact that some students just focus on pictures in an advertisement, so they show you want you to want. They pay the big amount of money for the sake of just one photograph of IAS topper and sometimes they offer fund semester in college. This may be tempting for the students and they agree on this.

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IAS toppers should not sell their ranks as it may misguide the future IAS aspirants. Most of the institutes have huge advertisement fund and they use it. Many IAS toppers have never joined a coaching class to get the result. Two main reasons are responsible for such instances;

#1: Good Deals

The management of the coaching institute needs a good advertisement strategy to reach more students. So, they offer money or other lucrative deals to the toppers to advertise their coaching institute. The toppers are lured with the promise of money in exchange for their photographs.

#2: Opting for Test Series

Some toppers of the IAS listed in more than one coaching institute have never joined it. They apply for the test series that will enlighten them with the difficulty level, pattern, and composition of the IAS examination. The toppers purchase the test papers to attend mock-tests conducted by the institute to gain more exposure.

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But, once the results get out, the toppers name is published without their consent in the coaching institute’s posters and websites. Some students apply for one coaching institute but change it midway to another. In such cases, the institutes can get the photos of the applicants that they publish. This is all about misleading the future aspirant.

Some hones IAS toppers are honest and they don’t want to get listed in the misleading advertisements and promotional programs, but these institutes don’t leave them easily. They run multi-business and have contacts with higher authorities. This is a simple fraud tactic to fool the new aspirants.

As students will ultimately waste their time, energy, and effort traveling to a coaching center that offers no new knowledge or personalized attention, self-preparation is best to crack the IAS exam. Students with determination have the self-motivation to work hard to achieve their goals without the help of any coaching classes.

New IAS aspirants should not go for big names in promotional advertisements.  You better ask for a trial class and talk to the students who have previously attended that particular institutes.

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