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Institute of Banking Personnel Selection(IBPS) organize an online test that is Common Written Examination(CWE PO/MT) to recruit probationary officer/management trainee for vacancies in public sector banks. Bank PO Sample Papers contians questions from all the sections.

Common Written Examination (CWE)

Written Examination Structure : 

Sr. No. Name of Test (Objective)Maximum MarksDuration
1.Reasoning50Composite Time of
2 hrs.
2.English Learning40
3.Quantitative Aptitude50
4.General  Awareness40
5.Computer Knowledge20

1. Objective Paper Bank-PO


Sample Papers

  • Test of Reasoning
  • Test of Quantitative Aptitude
  • Test of English Language
  • Test of General Awareness
  • Test of Computer Knowledge

2. Descriptive Paper

  • Letter Writing
  • Essay Writing 
  • Precis

Questions are : 

Directions (Q. 1-5)  : In each question below are three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the three statements disregarding commonly known facts. Give answers :

(A) If only conclusion a follows.
(B) If only conclusion b follows.
(C) If either conclusion a or b follows.
(D) If neither conclusion a nor b follows.
(E) If both conclusions a and b follow.

All papers are books.
All books are files.
No paper is a novel

a.Some books being novels is a possibility.
b.No file is a novel.

No key is a lock.
All locks are buttons.
No button is a clock.

a.No clock is a lock.
b.All buttons being locks is a possibility.

3. Statement:      
Some chips are watches.
All clips are telephones.
All telephones are pins.

a. All telephones can never be watches.
b. All clips are pins.

4. Statement:    
Some benches are trees.
Some trees are flowers.
All flowers are fruits

a. Some fruit are benches.
b. All trees being benches is a possibility

5. Statement:     
The manager humiliated Sachin in the presence of his colleagues.

a. The manager did not like Sachin.
b. Sachin was not popular with his colleagues.

6. How is A related to B?

a. P is the son of A, has two sisters.
b. A’s son is the brother of the only sister of B.
c. B  and P  are children of A.

1)only a and c                                      2)only b
3)either a or b                                      4)only b and c                       5)none of these

7. Statements: Women’s organisations in India have welcomed the amendment of the Industrial Employment Rules 1946 to curb sexual harassment at the work place.

a.Sexual harassment of women at work place is more prevalent in India as compared to other developed countries.
b.Many organisations in India will stop recruiting women to avoid such problems.

1)only a                                            2)only b
3)either a or b                                  4)neither a nor b              5)both a and b

Section 2. Quantitative Aptitude.(IBPS  BANK PO Sample Papers)

Directions (Q. 1 – 4) :find out the number in place of question mark (?).

1)429     351   281   219   165    ?
a.72    b.119     c.64    d.123    e.72

2)900      810    448    392    180    ?
a.48     b.150    c.90     d.45   e.78

3)330       261       200     147    102    ?
a.105     b.103    c.102     d.98    e.65

4)66.5     93.5     112.5     123.5    126.5    ?
a.121.5     b.108.5      c.138.9      d.136.9     e.135.

5)In how many different ways can we select a queen or a spade from a full pack of cards?
a.13         b.14        c.16       d.12       e. none of these.

6)Uday can complete a work in 15 days while Ramesh can complete it in 24 days.They worked together for 5 days.Then Uday left the work .in how many days will Ramesh finish the remaining work?

a.11.5         b.12               c.14             d.13.5              e.none of these.

7)seven boys and seven girls are to be seated around a circular table in such a way that no two girls are together. In how many different ways can they be arranged?

a.3682880       b.3688200          c.3628800        d.3682200        e.none of these.

8)Two train start simultaneously from lucknow and jaipur towards each other with speed of 70 km/hr and 90 km/hr respectively.When they met each other it was observed that one of them had covered 350 km more than the other.find the distance between lucknow and jaipur.

a.2800 km         b.3200 km           c.1800 km            d.2600 km          e.none of these

9)A spherical ball whose radius is 42 cm is completely immersed in a vessel filled with water. Find the volume of water displaced by the ball.

a.392784 cm^3       b.321474 cm^3        c.310464 cm^3     d.784631 cm^3        e.none of these.

10)The ratio of length to the breadth  of a rectangular plot is 9:8 .the perimeter of the plot is 408 m.what is the area of the plot?

a.7772 m^2     b.19434 m^2        c.21742 m^2      d.10368 m^2   e.none of these.

Section 3. General awareness : (IBPS Bank  PO Sample Papers)

1) What is the name of the first diesel car to be launched by Honda motor in India?

a.Brio     b.City     c.Civic     d. Amaze     e.none of these

2) Name of the leading international player who won india wells BNP Paribas open 2013 on 17 march 2013.

a.Roger Federer      b.David ferrer     c.Rafael Nadal      d.Andy murray

3) Which international cricket team won the fourth and final test against Australia,at  Feroz shah Kotla stadium, Delhi to claim the series by 4-0?

a.India           b.Pakistan            c.Bangladesh         d.South Africa

4)Name the person who was appointed as the chairman of IRDA?

a.T.S Vijayan       b.J.Hari Narayan      c.TT Jagannathan     d.Adi Godrej

5) The state government of Uttar Pradesh on 18 February 2013 appointed a retired justice of Allahabad High Court to conduct judicial probe into the Allahabad railway station stampede that occurred during Kumbh Mela. Name the person appointed to conduct the judicial probe into the incident?

a.Onkareshwar bhatt     b.R.R.K.Trivedi    c.Chaudhary Abdur Rahim    d.O.N.Asthana

6) Which organisation launched the highly successful Chandrayan-1 lunar mission in October 2008?

a.Liquid Propulsion System centre
b.National mesosphere Startosphere-Troposphere Radar Facility
c.National Remote Sensing Agency
d.Indian Space Research Organisation

7) In the last week of march 2013,two new ______ species called Enyalioides were discovered from cordillera Azul national park,fill in the blank with an appropriate option.

a.Chameleon         b.Wild ants         c.Woodlizard            d.Butterflies

8) FEMA is in news for its notification dealing with FDI in retail .it stands for

a.Foreign Enterprise Management Act
b.Foreign Exchange Management Act
c.Foreign Exchange Migration Act
d.Foreign Exchange Management Act

9) Which of the following media groups is locked in a battle of alleged extortion with Naveen Jindal?

a.ABP news     b.Zee news      c.News 24        d.India TV

10) Which of the following is /are called white goods?

a.Dishwasher      b.Washing machine      c.Refrigerator      d.all the above

Section 4. Computer knowledge:

1) FDDI  is an acronym for

a.Fiber Distributed Digital Interface
b.Fast Distributed Data Interface
c.Fiber Distributed Data interface
d.Fast Data Delivery Interface

2) Which command is used to display current date and time in MS Excel?       c.time()

3) Which language is used to create macros in MS Excel.

a.C     b.C++        c.visual C++         e.visual basic

4) Coding and Testing are done in a _______ manager.

a.cross-sectional hoc

5) which of the following is used to graphic outputs.

b.Magnetic tape
c.Magnetic disk
e.none of these

6) The database environment has all of the following component except.

d.separate files

7) In which of the following networks,irregular topologies are used?


8) COBOL is used in _______ applications.


9) A computer program that scans resumes and is set to locate keywords is called a(n)

a.web interview
b.web discussion
c.web conference
d.application tracking system (ATS)

10) A television broadcast uses which transmission mode.


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