ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Sample Papers

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Computer Science is one of the most interesting subject in order to prepare for the examination point of view as it include various algorithms and logics behind coding part which generally seems to be the interesting part to learn. ICSE is one of the best reputed private boards among all non-governmental Board in India which are capable of serving quality education.The requirement of preparing this ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Sample Papers is to make Board students aware of the latest ICSE Board pattern along with the type of questions asked.

computer science sample paper ICSE Board

Sample Paper of Computer for Class 10

As a graduate, I prepare this to help you in this regard. In order to improve your exam performance, you can also take help from this ICSE Class 10 Computer Applications Sample Papers. For the Board Exam point of view it is essential to give proper attention to understand the concept in order to gain good marks in Board Exams. Practice the given papers and earn excellent marks. While preparing this ICSE Computer Application Sample Papers for Class 10 students, some help has been taken from the referred text books and previous year papers.

ICSE Computer Application Sample Papers

General Instructions which are to be followed by the students:
a) This paper consist of two sections Section-A and Section-B.
b) Section-A: Attempt all questions.(30 marks)
c) Section-B:Attempt any four questions.( 60 marks)
d) Marks are mentioned to each questions for your convenience.
e) The given paper is of total 80 marks.
f) Remaining 20 marks is for Internal Assessment.

SECTION A (20 Marks)

Question 1

(a) (i) Name universal gates.
(ii) State one advantage of batch processing. [2 marks]
(b) (i) Represent the given Boolean function through a logic circuit
F (X,Y, Z) = X . (Y Z+ Y Z)
(ii) What is the Boolean expression for X ⊕ Y? [2 marks]
(c) (i) Name the high level language which was developed by IBM.
(ii) Convert the number (1288)10 into an octal number, [2 marks]
(d) (i) Convert (101110)2 into a Hexadecimal number.
(ii) Multiply 1001011 by 1101. [2 marks]
(e) Differentiate between Logical error and Execution error. [2 marks]

Question 2

(a) Write an algorithm to find the sum of two numbers. [2 marks]
(b) Name two conditional statements and explain.[2 marks]
(c) Explain any two looping statements. [2 marks]
(d) Write the full form of the following:
(ii) COBOL    [2 marks]
(e) How does a data file different from a program file?[2 marks]

SECTION B (60 Marks)

Question 3

Write a program in BASIC or C++ to calculate the interest and total amount to be
paid by entering the amount of loan and the number of years, either by simple
interest method or by compound interest method, as per the choice of user.
For Simple Interest,
Interest = (Amount * Rate * Number of Years) / 100
and Total amount = Amount + Interest
For Compound Interest,
Total amount = Amount
No.of years Rate 1
 
+    
Interest = Total amount – Amount. [15 Marks]

Question 4

Write a program in BASIC or C++ for the following:
(a) Input any word in lower case and display its output in uppercase.
(b) Total number of alphabets present in the word input.
For example, if
Lower case : snowy
Upper case: SNOWY
Total number of alphabets : 5.[15 Marks]

Question 5

Write a program to store elements in an array of size 4 × 4 and perform the
following. Find the sum of:
(a) each row and display
(b) each column and display
(c) all the elements of the array. [15 Marks]

Question 6

Using BASIC or C++ program, read N numbers in a single dimensional array and
calculate the highest and the least number along with their corresponding
For example, if
INPUT : 8, 4, 5, 1, 7
Highest : 8 Position : 1
Lowest : 1 Position : 4 [15 Marks]

Question 7

A cricket team has the following table of batting figures for a series of test matches
for N number of players.
Player’s Name Runs Scored Innings Times
Sachin 982 11 2
Dhoni 779 14 3
Robin 775 14 1
— — — —
— — — —
— — — —
Write a program in BASIC or C++ to create a sequential file named AVG.DAT
and do the following:
(a) Store the given data. 91 ICSE Specimen Question Paper
(b) Read the figures to calculate and display the batting average of each player.
Also, print the above format. [15 Marks]

Question 8

(a) Develop a program using user-defined function to convert a temperature
from Fahrenheit scale Celsius scale using the formula C = (5/9) * (F – 32).
(b) Write a program in BASIC or C++ using FOR Loop to print any number in
reverse order.
Hint : Number entered : 1 2 3 4 5
Reverse order : 5 4 3 2 1    [15 Marks]

Question 9

Write a program to accept names of 100 persons and their mobile numbers in a two different 1 Dimensional array and sort the telephone directory in alphabetical order of their name using bubble sort.   [15 Marks]

NOTE: To get pdf of above sample paper,follow: Sample Paper of Computer for Class 10
To get pdf of more Computer Application sample paper,follow: ICSE Computer Application Sample Papers

For any kind if suggestion related to the content of this paper, please follow the comment section to let me know given below the post.
All The Best for your Exam Preparation….!!!!

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