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ICSE Schools in Gujarat

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I.C.S.E Schools seek to provide a clear framework within which students can blossom in all facts of learning,stepping beyond academics & believes in opening the oppurtunitiesThe schools also provides features like sports, extracurricular activities, cooking and other hobby classes inside the campus which helps the overall growth of students.

The top 10 I.C.S.E schools in Gujarat:-

School Name                                                                                         Website.

  1. The Galaxy Education International School                           
  2. The SDA Higher Secondary School                                   
  3. Queen’s of Angels  High school
  4. MG International School                                                        
  5. Eklavya School                                                                     
  6. Seventh Day Advertist High School                                      
  7. Swaminarayan Dham International School                            
  8. SGVP International School                                                     
  9. Zydus school of Excellence
  10. Ryan International school
The details of the  I.C.S.E Schools in Gujrat:-

1.The Galaxy  Education International school                                                                        TGES is one of India’s  most caring ,principled ,pioneering,innovative and continually expanding educational system.The TGES runs  a rigorous programs including the CIE(Cambridge International Examination) & IBO (International Baccalaurete)curriculum along with wide range of activities such as mock in,school choir,dance festival,writing workshops,debate competition  etc. organised  by national & international organisation.

2.S.D.A Higher Secondary School
SDA is having  wonderfull education system ,good infrastructure ,transportation facilities,spacious class rooms with proper ventilation ,experienced & highly qualified staff etc.The school is dedicated  to the task of development  in the children a personality that can bears the mask of excellence.

3.Queen of angel’s convent High school                                                                                Focus  on overall development of the child,organises a lot of events including atheletics, karate,taekyondo, volleyball,football,boxing,swimming etc.

4.Eklavya School
Organises annual exhibition “Kala Sarjan”  to display the creative talents of all the students.
 The school is situated in a very ecofriendly envirinment which is considered as the best location for perfect studies also the students are provided with extra-curricular activities.Children learn singing right from junoior school and teachers help them to appreciate a mix of traditional ,folk and popular indian mix .Tabla,guitar ,keyboard,drums,vocal classical,public speaking ,etc  occurs frequently .

5.Seventh Day Advertist High School                                                                                     The students are highly fluent in English ,disciplined and actively participate in academics as well as curriculum activities.

6.Swaminarayan Dham International School                                                                            Having all physical facilities like volleyball, Karate, cricket, T.T, atheletics, skating malkham and many other activities with large play grounds.

7.MG International  School
A teacher named Alex run a drama workshop that has grown a strong interest of physical theatre among students.MG International school is apublis -private patnership school established in 1998 by the educationist Pascal Chazot and Anju Musafir in collboration with the Ahmedabad Municipal.This is the fierst authorised IB school in gujarat.The school enrolls approxomately 200 students from the local community as well as expatriate children .This school follows the CIE for class 1 t0 5,IB MYP for classes 6 to 10 and IB diploma for class 11-12.The MGIS students have partipated in Karate tournamaents,wining medals at the national karate championship held in mumbai 2008.

8.Sgvp International School                                                                                                      Beyond academics, also includes curriculum activities,Inter-House activities and sports activities,every year organises excursion and tours.It has IT and Multimedia centre.The curriculum is quite extensive and not confined to the textbooks.The teaching methodology mainly focuses on-Individual understanding and capacity of the child,Utilization of technology, multimedia aids and other resources.Group discussions, debate, brain storming sessions, role play, questioning techniques, cooperative learning, field visits, projects & seminars

9.Zydus School for Excellence                                                                                           Conducts exams by external agencies such as Macmillan,science,math & computer Olympiad ,Hindi & Sanskrit language test that focus on the significance of multiple language learning by teaching hindi,english, gujrati,sanskrit,french and japanese.Extra coaching is provided to the students  for the betterment of the students.

10.Ryan International School                                                                                                   Aimed at developing the overall personality of student with spacious class room with proper ventilation,large playground ,library,audio-visual room etcThis school also participate in football,volleyball,basketball,karate ,kho-kho,swimming ang teakwondo championships and tournaments.

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