Ielts exams and why British Council is the best


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IELTS TEST PATTERN-International English Language Testing System (IELTS) which is  considered to be world’s most popular,standardized  and efficient English Language testing examination is jointly handled by THE BRITISH COUNCIL, IDP, IELTS AUSTRALIA, CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT. This test is accepted by majorly British,Australia,Canada, New Zealand academic institutions all across the world and is conducted for 37 long years.

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Why British Council is considered the best for IELTS?

This organization has over 75 years of experience for this worldwide popular English language testing system and is trusted unconditionally . It helps people connect worldwide and follow their dreams or goals to opt for higher education or to find their dream job in  English speaking countries or help in immigration to such countries where english is must to communicate.

This organization helps people in their plans to successfully  pass the english language testing system with a good band score. The British Council majorly works so that people could improve on their education aspects and success high in their career.


IELTS Test pattern

There are basically two versions of IELTS tests with same kind of grading-

IELTS Academic

IELTS General Training

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IELTS Academics are meant for higher education. It is required to assess your english efficiency for academic reasons. Supposedly if you want to opt for graduation or a post graduation level exam or maybe you are willing to join a professional agency in an english speaking country then your choice should be IELTS Academic.

For IELTS Academic lets see the exam format as you will face-

Listening for 30 mins with 10 mins more to write down your answer.It has  4 recorded conversations and monologues as well.

Reading for 60 mins with three long passages and tasks to be completed.

Writing for another 60 mins with a task of writing at least 150 words and short essays of 250 words.

Speaking for 11 to 14 mins where face to face interview takes place including short type questions and also talking continuously on a known topic .


IELTS General Training are meant for evaluating english efficiency for a very practical ,day to day matters that includes on professional level  ,for your workplace or maybe social gatherings.

Supposedly If you want to study or train for a lower degree level or maybe you want to take up a work matter in an english speaking country or maybe you need to immigrate to a place with english communication then you should opt for IELTS General Training.

For IELTS General Training let’s see then exam format as you would face-

Listening for 30 mins with 10 mins more to write down your answer. It has  4 recorded conversations and monologues as well.

Reading for 60 mins with three long passages and tasks to be completed.

Writing for 60 mins with the task of letter writing of 150 words and short essays of 250 words.

Speaking for another 11 to 14 mins as face to face interview that will include answering short questions and speaking on a known topic.


How would you apply for IELTS test?

IELTS test can be applied by going through the following simple steps –

  1. Log on to the that is the official website.
  2. Click on the Register for IELTS option given.
  3. Then select your city and test date (you will find the seat availability as well)
  4. Complete the procedure of filling the online application form.
  5. Do the payment of the fees online.
  6. Get your seat booking and acknowledgement instantly.

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Validity of IELTS results

After the IELTS exams .the results  are valid for two years only. In case it exceeds more than 2 years then the institution or agency might ask you to prove your English efficiency level.

Fees for  IELTS tests

As it is said everything comes with a price tag and value in this world and when things come to education nothing is free as what you are gaining is precious . The exam fees for IELTS in India is around Rs 11,300 that is to be paid at the time you register online either by draft from a nationalized bank or online payment methods.


How many times IELTS is conducted in a  year?

This exam is conducted for several times in 12 months. Every month it is held four times at 38 validated cities and its centers managed by British Council and IDP in India.

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How many times can I take the IELTS test?

There is absolutely no limitations on appearing for this test as long as you can afford to pay for its registration.  But yes if you need a piece of advice on this then the suggestion is that you should not sit for this exam for more than once in two months .



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