Importance of Physical Fitness Activities in Schools

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The recent changes in education system strongly favor extra –curricular activities, particularly physical fitness, which should be equally emphasized along with academics. The outcome of this has been very positive so far and helped children to become better learners, stronger and fitter resulting in their over-all development.  This has also been proved in recent reports that physical activities or sports increase the focus and overall well- being which in turn helps children to become better students.

Some of the best school in North Delhi has made physical fitness mandatory part of their curriculum to help the students to feel refreshed and energetic after long sessions in the classroom. The stress level increases more with senior students and sport and physical activity for this group students is really important and help them get a good respite from rigors of classrooms.

Sports and such recreational activities in various schools in Delhi help students to follow good and healthy lifestyle which helps in their overall development. With better health, they can work hard and their studies and life to become better citizens.

The physical activities also inculcate team spirit through team games and this also helps them to learn sharing, sportsmanship, honesty, competitive spirit which helps in boosting their confidence and   to become better social human beings.

For young children,  physical activities in the school help them to grow  their gross and motor skills, improve hand-eye coordination, enhance the reflexes and improve  posture to help them grow big and mentally strong to become good students as well as good human beings.

Sant Sujan Singh Ji International School is one the top school in North Delhi which has a balanced curriculum where physical activities are given importance for an overall growth and development of each student. This helps them to become strong personalities to take on the challenges of life.

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