Importance of Project planning

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Project planning is the first and foremost part in the project life cycle. According to the concept of project engineering, planning provides a base structure for the projects to conceive. If the project plans are wrong then the whole process will move toward the wrong direction. Project planning gives an up thrust to the project which is much helpful for the people who control the funds or the project board.


Need of project planning

Project planning comprises of many steps. First step is to analyze the need of the system and its feasibility to implement. In the next step planning for the project is being done which comprises of the conceptual idea of implementing the project. It is done in a way so that it meets the requirement of the users or the clients. Project planning totally relies on the information of the previous project and need and its requirement. If the project plan doesn’t have proper details and information the project may fall on the grounds at the very first step.




Project planning- Base of Project implementation

In the industries a project manager plans and organizes to implement it. The foundation is based on the planning. The project introductory work will start in the modules on the basis of the planning done by the project manager. So a project manager needs to have a thorough knowledge regarding a project essentials and its bounding. Here comes the role of Project management specification. This course is specially designed for the students who want to become the best in project planning. This course gives a proper opportunity to the students to become a professional in this field. The project planning is mainly done for scheduling the tasks, organizing and staffing people for maximum output in less time and also to manage the for the project to implement. It needs tactics and proper strategies to manage all these attributes to calculate and manage the resource and output of the organization.


Areas focused for project planning



Project planning comprises of the guidance for the teams and the priorities of the activities which are involved for this project. Project management certification gives a proper idea about the working scope and methodologies to tackle and handle the quality standards of the project. The certification focuses on the key areas like:-

1. Thorough revision of the background of the project.

2. Chalking out the objectives of the project

3. Scope of the project

4. Constraints and assumptions of the project. These two areas are one of the important to focus on because the constraints sets the priority and the assumptions helps for the backtracking of the project having a clear view out of it.

5. Impacts on the project and its dependencies.

6. Risk factors and implementation on the project.

7. Strategies and rational methodologies used for the implementation of the project.

8. Control scope, measuring the time elapsed for the project and the time remaining considering the resources.

9. Measurement of the work performance with the benefit realization.


So in this way project planning is an important tool for any organization to meet its requirements. This certification course is provided by many institutes throughout India.Moreover the certification courses helped the students to become a professional in this area.



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