Important Math Skills in Early Childhood

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Everyone knows that Education is a birth right. Every child has right to education, education is backbone of nation. In early childhood education helps to succeed in elementary school and will gain Basic Skills and knowledge.  In preschools Emphasis on Math skills, educator emphasis on mathematics is important because in beginning, child will know basic knowledge of mathematics to build up their advanced mathematics in high school and college. The modern early years charmwood emphasised on basic knowledge of maths for children. The Modern Early Years, Charwmood is the best preschool in Faridabad

Basic math skills for pre-schoolers

Early childhood education should introduce simple mathematical concepts. By introducing children to basic terminology early in childhood, teachers are making the elementary education a little easier, and introducing math concepts should start when children are around three years old.


Role of Number Sense

Number sense is the basic and vital thing to learn in early years. maths will increase the knowledge of number sense before reaching primary school, children should learn about the counting in early childhood. Counting is the initial phase to know about the relationship between numbers in the future education. Number sense is a significant skill, that educators should emphasis on teaching before children reach in primary school.

While kindergarten classes review the basics of counting forward and backward, early childhood educators can set a stronger foundation by focusing on learning to count before reaching elementary school. By focusing on number sense, teachers are providing math skills that are necessary for future concepts and advanced calculations.

Learning Process via representation or pictures.

Children are naturally visual and can build relationship between numbers and a represented item. Therefore, educator should represent the item as like pictures or toys and play way technique to develop basic counting and number sense. Teaching via representation or pictures will allow children to make connection between the real world and the math skills that are vital for academic success. Without making a connection between life and math, children can become confused about the information provided in a classroom.

Preschool math provides academic building blocks

Preschool education provides math skills in early childhood, this is a way to build base for the entire academic career. Without basic fundamental knowledge of number sense, math concepts, etc. children are not ready to move into primary education. Luckily, young children are able to learn and understand concept of mathematics and other skills easily.

Benefits of Mathematical Activities for Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers are not preparing for formal schooling. In preschool, educator provide mathematics activities for children. Mathematic activities include, sorting, measuring, math with art, tickers, puzzles. mathematics activities can Bring many benefits for children. Therefore, mathematic activities are very vital and Beneficial in early childhood. The Modern Early Years, Charmwood organize mathematics activity session for pre-schoolers for their basic mathematics growth and The Modern Early Years is the best pre-school in Faridabad.



  • Mathematics Because I Beginning, Child Will Know Basic Knowledge of Mathematics to Build Up Their Advanced Mathematic in High School And College.


  • Maths Will Increase the Knowledge of Number Sense Before Reaching Primary School, Children Should Learn About the Counting in Early Childhood.


  • Educator Should Represent the Item as Like Pictures or Toys and Play Way Technique to Develop Basic Counting and Number Sense.


  • Teaching Via Representing or Pictures Will Allow Children to Make Connection Between the Real World and The Math Skills That Are Vital for Academic Success.


  • Mathematics Activities Can Bring Many Benefits for Children. Therefore, Mathematic Activities Are Very Vital and Beneficial In Early Childhood.

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