Important Questions about ASP.NET with Answers

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ASP.NET is a web development tool which is used in the development frameworks of Web page development, websites and web services. Listed below are the ASP.NET questions and answers for interviews, exams and learning for the freshers. Questions based on the ASP.NET Development to fulfill the software developer job requirements. Let’s get the complete details of the questions which mostly rises among us on ASP.NET-

Important Questions about ASP.NET with Answers-

Ques 1 What is ASP.NET?
Ans- ASP.NET is the new offering for web developer from the Microsoft. It is not simply the next generation of ASP (Active Server Page).It is completely re-engineered and enhanced technology. It provides large set of user controls, XML-based components and integrated user authentication.

Ques 2 What are advanced features of ASP.NET ?
Ans- Listed below are the some of the advanced features of ASP.NET-
1) Support for compiled language.
2) Services provided by .NET framework
3) Graphical development environment
4) State management
5) Update files while server is running
6) XML based configuration files

ASP.NET Important Questions

ASP.NET is most demanding

Ques 3 What is “Atlas”?
Ans- ASP.NET AJAX was previously known by Atlas which is an implementation of Microsoft based on AJAX framework.

Ques 4 What are web controls in ASP.NET?
Ans- Web controls are special ASP.NET tags understood by the server. Web server controls are created on the server and they require a run at=”server” attribute to work.

Ques 5 Write the syntax for creating web controls?
Ans- The syntax for creating a web control is written as follows-
<asp:control_name id=”some_id” run at=”server” />

Ques 6 Give some examples of web controls ?
Ans- Following are the some of the examples of the Web Controls-
1) AdRotator
2) Button
3) Calender
4) CheckBoxList
5) DropDownList
6) HyperLink
7) Image
8) Label
9) PlaceHolder
10) TableRow
12) TableCell
14) XML

Ques 7 What are three category of Web Controls?
Ans- Three categorization of web controls are-
a) Text and graphics controls
b) AdRotator controls
c) Validation controls

Ques 8 What is session tracking?
Ans- Session Tracking is a concept which allows you to maintain a relation between two successive requests made to a server on the internet .As we know HTTP is stateless protocol ,so never keep record of request made to it.Session tracking allow you to store the information would be checked every time you do any thing within your inbox. Thus you would not be asked to enter your password with every click.

Ques 9 What are the solution for the arise by fact that HTTP being stateless?
Ans- There are three typical solution to this problem –
a) cookies
b) URL rewriting
c) Hidden form fields

Ques 10 Is ASP.NET support any type of databases?
Ans- ASP.NET support for web services, oracle databases, SQL server databases with custom schema.

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