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Sample paper of SSC

Direction to solve

Select related words/letters/numbers from given alternative

1. 10:15:: 26: ?

(a) 31
(b) 33
(c) 29
(d) 38

2. ABD : EFH :: KLN : ?
(a) OPQ
(b) PQS
(c) OQP
(d) OPR

3. If the HCF of two given numbers is 9 and their ratio is 5:7, find their LCM ?

(a) 35
(b) 315
(c) 63
(d) 81

4. If  A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days and  B and C can do same work  in 12 days. C can do the work in  20 days. How long will A take to do it alone?
(a) 12
(b) 15
(c) 20
(d) 30

5. Discount series 10%, 20% and 30% is equal to a how much single discount ?
(a) 60%
(b) 50%
(c) 49.6%
(d) 44.6%
6.  Lion : Den :: Rabbit : ?
(a) Trench
(b) Hole
(c) Pit
(d) Burrow

7. CFI : JMP :: BEH : ?
(a) CFI
(b) DGJ
(c) ILO
(d) KNQ

8. Volume : Litre :: Power : ?
(a) Watt
(b) Joule
(c) Coulomb
(d) Pascal

9. Fill with the correct word. We were completely taken by…..the estate agent who turned out to be a crook.

(a) for

(b) on

(c) of

(d) in

10. Fill with the correct word  __________has been selected for the post of principal

(a) Mrs. Meenakshi

(b) Any Mrs. Meenakshi

(c) The Mrs. Meenakshi

(d) Some Mrs. Meenakshi

11. Fill the correct alternative ________you wake me up so early on a Sunday?

(a) Could


( c)must


12. What is the meaning of  INFURIATE

Top of Form



(a)    Burn

(b)   Disgrace

(c)    Enrage

(d)   threaten

13. Select the related  word

Giant : Dwarf :: Genius : (a) Wicked


(c ) Idiot


14.Newspaper: Press::Cloth:? Find the next element

(a) Tailor

(b) Textile

(c) Fibre

(d) Mill

15. Botany : plants :: Entomology

(a) snakes

(b) insects

(c) Bird

(d) germ

16. Complete the series




(c )lp


17.  Choose the word which cannot be formed from lettr of the word ADMINISTRATOR?



(c )minister


18. OVL implies

(a) oil discovery group

(b) A new species of virus

(c ) term used in one day cricket

(d)a banking company

19. Melt : Liquid : : Freeze : ?





20.  Eight friends A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting in circle facing the center in a game. B is sitting between G and D.  H is third person  to the left of B and second to the right of A. C is sitting between A and G and B and E are not sitting opposite to each other.

Who is third person to the left of D?

a) A

(b) E

(c) F

(d) cannot be determine

(e) None


21. There are five friends group with members  Sachin, Kunal, Mohit, Anuj and Rohan.Their is a relation in their heights.Sachin is shorter than Kunal but taller than Rohan. Mohit is tallest. Anuj is a little shorter than Kunal an little taller than Sachin.

Who is the shortest?

(a) Rohan

(b) Sachin

(c) Anuj

(d) Kunal

22. Read the information given below and answer the questions that


(1)There is a group of five girls.

(2)Kamini is second in height but younger than Rupa.

(3)Pooja is taller than Monika but younger in age.

(4)Rupa and Monika are of the same age but Rupa is tallest between


(5)Neelam is taller in height than Pooja and elder to Rupa. If they are arranged in the ascending order of heights, who will be in the third position?

(a) Monika

(b) Rupa

(c) Monika or Rupa

(d) Date Inadequate

23. Compare the knowledge of six  persons X, Y, Z, A, B and C in relation to each other.

1.X knows more than A.

2.Y knows as much as B.

3.Z knows less than C.

4.A nows more than Y.

Who is having the best knowledge person amongst all:

(a) X

(b) Y

(c) A

(d) C

24. Calf : Cow : : Puppy : ? which is the next word





25. Coconut : Shell : : Letter : ?





26. Bank : Money : : Transport : ? find the next word of series





27. Enterpreneur : Profit : : Scholar : ?





28. Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given below it:

(A)Gopal is shorter than Ashok but taller than Kunal.

(B)Navin is shorter than Kunal.

(C)Jayesh is taller than Navin.

(D)Ashok is taller than Jayesh.

Who among them is the tallest based on following values given?

(a) Gopal

(b) Ashok

(c) Kunal

29. B is twice as old as A but twice younger than F. C is half the age of A but twice the age of D.

Which two persons from the pair of oldest and youngest?

(a) F and A

(b) F and D

(c) B and F

(d) F and C

(e) None of these

30. If S is ranked sixth and Q is ranked fifth, which of the following can be true?

(a) V is ranked first or fourth

(b) R is ranked second or third

(c)Pis ranked second or fifth

(d) U is ranked third or fourth

(e) T is ranked fourth or fifth.

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8 Responses to Important question of SSC

  1. Amit Kumar says:

    SSC exam is going to be held on 14th April and this paper is really helpful to understand the pattern

  2. Soubarna Biswas says:

    A very helpful sample paper for ssc aspirants. Get prepared well and make your future bright. ALL THE BEST!

  3. Tapash Mazumder says:

    SSC is an exam through you can get into various corporate industries. SSC aspirants must go through this paper

  4. Sanjana Kumari says:

    SSC Exams have become really popular nowadays as people are now interested in government sector jobs and so they prefer this exam which is conducted every year. The exam has a very familiar question paper pattern like other competitive exams. Interested Students must read this article.

  5. Rashmi Rani says:

    SSC is one of the important exams to get into the government sector services. Various posts are under SSC and these various posts have vacancies at different time. This is a sample paper for SSc entrance exam and will help you prepare for the exam.

  6. Kriti Das says:

    SSC is always seen as the most safe path after graduation.These important questions of SSC will surely help many..

  7. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Staff selection commission conducts the ssc exam for recruitment. The article covers all the necessary portions those are important in the exam. It helps me to include the last minute touch in my preparation.

  8. Shruti Priya says:

    Staff selection commission has become a priority for today’s generation.Every graduate can go for this competitive exam in order to get a bright future in government sector.This sample paper is perfectly based on the pattern of the respective exam.For solving this paper one should have an idea regarding Aptitude, quantitative analysis and English.Interested students can go through this sample paper.

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