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Questions with Answers on C++ Programming Language
Following are the important questions on C++ with their answers which has been asked in the various exams and interviews. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Q1: What is C++?
Ans: C++ is a general purpose object oriented programming language invented in the early 1980 by bajarne stroutrup.

Q2: What is class?
Ans: A class can be declared as a collection of data members along with members function which allows association of data and functions into a single unit called encapsulation.


C++ Language

Q3: What are the different features of c++?
Ans: Following are the different features of the Classes in C++,

  • Operators and function overloading
  • Free storage management
  • Constant types
  • References
  • Inline function
  • Virtual function
  • Templates
  • Exception handling

Q4: Explain constructor?
Ans: Constructors is a member function having the same name as that of its class and is executed automatically when the class is instantiated(object is created).

Q5: What is a function?
Ans: A function is a block of code which executes the statements when we call it.
It consists of three entities:
1) the function name.this is simply a unique identifier.
2) The function parameters.this is a set of zero or more typed identifier.
3) The function return type this specifies the type of value function returns.

Q6: Explain Inline function?
Ans: Inline function are those function whose function body is inserted in place of the function call.

Q7: What is function overloading?
Ans: function polymorphism for function overloading is a concept that allows multiple function to share the same name with different arguments type assigning one or more function function body to the same name is known as function overloading.

Q8: What is implicit and explicit type conversion?
Ans: In implicit casting in c++ compile automatically handle the type conversion.the final result expressed in the highest precision possible.

Explicit: the conversion of data type of two operands is not automatic but forced.we can force an expression to be a specific type by using a cast.

Q9: What is inheritance in C++ and name the different types of inheritance?
Ans: it is a technique of organizing information in a hierarchy form. It is like a child inheriting the features of its parent.
The class which we are inheriting from is called as the base class and the class which inherits called as derived class.

Different types of inheritance are as follows-:
1) single level
2) Multi-level
3) Multiple
4) Hierarchical(hybrid)
5) multipath

Q10: What is friend function?
Ans: A friend function is a function which is use to access the private data member of different class.

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