Important Things to Consider When Choosing Best School in Faridabad

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Choosing right school for your child maybe it is the hardest task for the parents, as parents they want that their child succeeds their own life. This article has mentioned some significant points that help those parents who are looking for a top school in Faridabad.

Best School in Faridabad

Things to consider when choosing a school for your child

If parents are looking beyond local public school, think about what will work best for their child’s personality, strengths, requirements and interests. Parents should also consider how different school’s cultures and values match their family values and family life.

  1. Own values and preferences
  • Do you prefer a public or private education for your child?
  • Do you want your child to have a religious education?
  • What kind of teaching philosophy do you prefer – for example, Steiner, Montessori or mainstream?
  1. School Distance
  • Does the school management give proper transportation facilities in your area?
  • What is the distance between the school and your home?
  • What is the overall cost of transportation?
  • Where are your child’s friends going to school?
  1. School-specific factors
  • How large is the school? How many children have enrolled the school?
  • What type of facilities does the school have – like playgrounds, library, music programs, clubs and sporting teams?
  • Check school’s previous academic results and performance
  1. School communication and connections
  • Does the school give enough opportunities for parents and family to participate in the school functions with their children?
  • Does the school management have proper communication channels set up between parents and school authorities?
  • Does the school have a strong connection with the local community?
  1. Economic and practical considerations
  • Are the school fees structure and other charges affordable?
  • Is school having any scholarship programs, and is your child eligible?
  1. Academic and extracurricular considerations
  • What are the school’s admission policy and requirements?
  • Does school offer elective subjects and language?
  • What extracurricular activities does the school provide like Sports, Art, Music, Drama etc?
  • Does the school offer extension or accelerated learning programs? If so, what are the selection criteria?
  1. Feelings and values
  • Does the school have a proper uniform, attendance systems, sports facilities and so on?
  • How does the school teach the soft skill to the students?
  • How is the discipline of the school?
  1. School culture or philosophy

Schools have different cultures and teaching philosophies. For example, some have a strong sports ethic, some follow a virtuous connection, and others promote individuality and artistic pursuits. Based on the nature and interest of your child you should decide the school. Most schools talk about their philosophies and approach in a document like a prospectus, handbook or charter. You might also find this information on the school website.


Follow the above all points to assured to choose Best school in Faridabad.

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