Indian Army UES-25

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                    Introduction to Indian Army : UES-25

Indian Army : UES-24

Indian Army : UES-24

Indian Army is a component of Indian Armed forces which ensures National security and defense. The primary concern of establishing Indian Army is to Provide security from external threats.

The Indian Army Corps of Engineers has a long history going once again to the mid-eighteenth century. The soonest existing subunit of the Corps goes once again to 1777 while the Corps authoritatively remembers its introduction to the world as 1780 when the senior most gathering of the Corps, the Madras Sappers were raised.

The Corps comprises of three gatherings of battle specialists, specifically the Madras Sappers, the Bengal Sappers and the Bombay Sappers. A gathering is generally similar to a regiment of Indian infantry, each one gathering comprising of various architect regiments. The architect regiment is the essential battle engineer unit, practically equivalent to an infantry force.

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Merit list for UES 22 course 


University Entry Scheme

It is Selection Procedure of Indian army. In this entry scheme The technical graduates are recruited who are in pre-final year of there graduation. The Indian Army itself comes in the College or the students can view the location to which the Indian Army is coming for Recruitment. There they basically conducts a GD( Group discussion) round and PI(personal Interview) round. Those candidates who qualifies both the Round are called for SSB(service selection board) which is Again an another selection procedure of the Recruiters for next level.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility Criteria for UES is as follows.

  1. The candidate must be a resident of India.
  2. Age must be between 19 to 25yrs from the first day of the month in which course is due to commence.
  3. Qualification: Pre-Final Year of Technical Graduation Course.
  4. The candidate must be unmarried.

About Exams

The Exams of UES has been conducted by the service Selection board of the Indian Army. Which is a special division of Army responsible for the Selection , Rejection of the Candidate. This Exam is conducted to recruit the Technical Graduate for serving the Army as Infantry. The division given to the Recruited personnel from this scheme is Infantry.

The Exams is conducted on Two Levels.

First Level– In this Level, the candidates have to go through the Group Discussion and personal Interview. The selected Candidate gets a call through the SSB centers.

Second level– In this level, other than the day of arrival and presenting oneself, the candidates go through a Five day selection Procedure by which a candidate’s various suggestive personality is known.

First day– It is the very first day. The candidates go through three things-

  •  Intelligence Test(verbal as well as non-verbal)
  • Picture Perception and Description Test – Here the Picture is being shown just for 30 secs and time given to write story is just 4 mins
  • Discussion of Picture – Here the batch is being divided in to groups of strength of 15 and each candidate describes his individual written story.

After Stage I result declaration, the recommended candidates move to stage II or Day 2 and others are sent home.

Second day– Its a Psychological Test which includes 4 things-

  • Thematic Appreciation Test- Here in total 12 pictures(including one blank) is shown to candidates just for 30 secs each and than they are asked to pen down a story in just 4 mins. In that blank slide,the candidates are free to imagine a picture of their choice and  write a story regarding that.
  •  Word Association Test- In this test, a sequence of 60 words one after the other,simultaneously is being shown to candidates just for 15 secs each and they are asked to write down 1st thought whatever that comes to their mind.
  •  Situation reaction Test-This test contains 60 daily life situations including day to day activities and candidates are asked to write down their reactions on these different situations.
  •  Self Description Test-Here the candidates are asked to pen down 5 separate paragraphs on each circumstances about the view point of his parents,friends,superiors

Third , Fourth And Fifth day- On these days the is a GTO(group task officer Test)

Third day-GTO day-1 includes:- Group Discussion, Group Planning exercise, Progressive Group task,Group Obstacle race,Half Group task,Lecturette.

Fourth Day-GTO day-2 includes:- Individual Obstacles,Command Task,Final Group task

Fifth Day- This final day includes:-Closing address,Conference, Declaration of results and Dispersal.


GTO tests may be conducted in one day under certain circumstances.

The selected candidates go through the personal interview whose environment is less tensed but formal and the questions are basically based on everyday experience ,then after they are selected and will go through under a medical test.

In this way the whole selection Procedure of Indian Army takes Place.

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