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Skills and Education needed for Indian Foreign Service – UPSC Preparation

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Indian Foreign Service is the top most job in India which deals with the external affairs of the country. And the Indian foreign Service officers are responsible for the policies implementation which helps to build a relation with the other countries. and they are also responsible for the healthy relations with that country and with the people of that country in which they are posted.And they are also responsible for protecting Indians in that country.

Skills and Education needed for the IFS:

1. The most important skill for IFS is Good Communication Skill.

2. The candidate must have his personal interest in international relations.

3. The knowledge of your country and culture you must know.

4. If you are looking for IFS then decision making ability and leadership quality is must.

5. You must also have the ability to adopt the culture and environment of other country.

6. You should be strong physically,should not be handicapped.

Indian Administrative Service

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Selection Procedure:

The civil service exam is necessary to get selection in IFS. there are three stages in the civil service exam conduct by the UPSC.

1.Preliminary exam

2.Main exam

3. Interview

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But if you will clear all three stages of the exam than its not the guarantee of the selection in IFS. you must be in the toppers the IFS selecting only approximately 20 candidate per year.


the training for the Indian Foreign service Officers divided in few portions which are given below.

1. They came firstly for the foundation training in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Admission situated in Mussoorie and this institute they get training for 15 weeks.

2.After completion of the foundation training they move to Foreign Service Institute situated in New Delhi and they took training here for 36 months.

3. After these training’s the candidate he must assigned a compulsory foreign language. After the training of the language he must pass the exam of compulsory foreign language. after passing the exam he is allowed to continue in the servic

Indian Revenue Service


The functions of an IFS Officer are given below:

1.The IFS Officer represent his country in its embassies and in high commissions.

2.He protect his country s national interest in that country where he is posted.

3.He promotes friendly relations with that country and with the people of that country.

4.To negotiate the agreements on various issues with the country in which he is posted.

5.The IFS Officer also Extending consular facilities to foreigners and Indian nationals abroad.

Designations and Pay-scale Of IFS Officers:


 Pay Scale 


 Junior Time scale 8000-275-13500 Attache / Third Secretary 
 Senior Time Scale 10650-325-15850 Second / first Secretary
 Junior Administrative Grade 12000-375-16500 First Secretary
 Selection Grade IV 14300-400-18300 Director
 Senior Administrative Grade 18400-500-22400 Minister / DCM Ambassador 
 22400-525-24500 Ambassador / High Commissioner
 26000 (fixed) Ambassador / High Commissioner

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