Indian Oil Placement Paper

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2011 Indian Oil Placement Paper:-


1, Series type 4, 9, 14… 14, 19, 24…next series is…


2. Mumbai is sostpk … Chennai dcfmmpk and wat is bench …


3.meaning for the following .. funk, sphemeral, annagonist, appertain


4. GL is…… procedural language, non procedural language , or ?? from (TOC)


5.opposite for the following lurid, niggardly, noble …


6. What is Audit trail ( T) t->


7.HDLC is ……. Protocol ….(T)


8. First IPL Hatrick taken by …(non tech questions)


9. Algorithm will be given which sort u need to identify …. Shell sort, selection sort, bubble sort, insertion sort …(T)


10. X.25 protocol consists of ……frame level, physical level


11 dynamic B… forgot


12. North west direction problem have some idea on this it is enough..


13. Blue vitriol is …..(non tech )


14. Enzyme converts glucose to ethyl alcohol … which is zymase or (+2 question in chemistry)


15. UNIX command to redirect the output file


16. Immediate addressing mode …..


17. Messages are transferred to computer networks through……..


18. Huffman coding …


19. INGRES DBMS – sql, QBE ….


20. MAX size of float is …


21. Operator << is means … extraction, get to, insertion operator..


22. destructor takes .. how many arguments …


23 C supports  how many basic looping structures…


24. Page stealing means …..


25. virtual memory is implemented in …. Paging, segmentation…


26. File protection is UNIX ???


27. Goal of structured pgm is …… eliminate the Goto statement or …


28. MACRO is used in …


29. IEE802.4 is also known as ….


30. UML software project  requirements …..use case diagram is answer


31. Eye donation means donation of …. The whole eye or cornea or  ???


32. electric conduction of semiconductor is…


33. page replacement algorithm is  ..


34.MOSFET can be used in


35.80386 is …..


36. Average sums …


37. matrix sum  easy one


38. number series sums


39. Basic knowledge about the current affairs


40. General knowledge questions … recent ones


41. Comprehension will be given u need to answer for the questions asked ….easy one


42. percentage sums…


43. cube root sum …


44. ratio sums … don’t study from RS aggrawal for this type … it will not help u much .. jus have a idea …


45. if the hour hand of the clock is 90’ like that sum ..


46.permutaions sum ….. no combinations sum came…permutation of APPLE …


47. some questions like which is the odd one from some English words will be given Like  ark, some thing I forgot ..


48. volume sum … like one big is there how many cubes will be formed from the cube  like that


49.water is flowing  from one pipe which fills the tank in 20 mins.. another two pipes  is inserted how many mins it will take to fill the tank ..easy one … just need to think


50. coding is given … compile error, run time error like that from C language


51. Compiler will …. a, find logical error, b, synatax errors like that


52. more questions on preorder, post order, in order


Some graph will be given .. will ask u about the traversal …. Sure u need to know about this type  questions .. very important ..Data structure questions


53. linked list


54. LIFO ….


55. Heap ….


56. Stack follows … lifo, fifo ….


57. Hashing,


58. some query is given … all data’s will be given u need to find the result from the query ..


59.dead lock ….


60. Addressing modes…


61. Theory of Computations questions …


62. Some questions will be from Mahabharatam story ..


63. kidney related some questions


64. through which organ the food for the baby inside mothers stomach …


65.. some questions on related to human body …

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    I am interested for ioc and want to work there with sincerity.

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    Give me the sample papers for the written test exam of iocl

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    A set of 65 questions of INDIAN OIL. Prepare for this it can be helpful for you to boost up you for competition regarding placement !!!!

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