Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?

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Indian Premier League-  Has cricket lost its essence? 

Cricket is just a sport, but it is treated as a religion in India & some adjoining countries. The fact that every cricket match is followed by a huge fraction of the total population of the country supports the statement with complete vigor. everyone is aware about how every street of India serves a mini pitch to many budding cricketers or helpless cricket maniacs. The obsession goes to the extreme level when the masses associate their emotions with the outcome of every match, which has often turned ugly in many a cases.

Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League

Cashing on this fanaticism about cricket, BCCI (the richest cricket board in the world) launched Indian Premier League, which monopolized the TRP market & boomed with greater success, that was expected out of it. Regionalism of Cricket teams & Cricket Stars, stirred the love for cricket in those brains also, which had been dormant for the sport. The monetary outcome was larger than what it had been for the international matches. Bollywood stirred in, adding more glamour to the tournament & somewhere IPL got reduced to – BUSINESS!

IPL stands afar from the true spirit of a sport. Players of a national team, fighting against each other; often indulge in nasty brawls which definitely hampers the harmony, between them. It has been every debatable topic , however many would would stand by it that many players who otherwise are not very good performers in international cricket, perform outstandingly in IPL. This has birth to a common notion that IPL has made Indian cricketers, money-minded!

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The second thing is that it is a very long tournament, duration exceeding the period of a month. The necessary rest for players, gets plundered & the after-effects are seen in the international matches. After match parties, cheer-leaders, etc.;i attempt of pulling more crowd the IPL creative heads have made a clown of the players.

In recent days IPL  has become Indian Paisa league and betting rackets have emerged where few match fixing and spot fixing related issues have emerged where players like that of SreeSanth and few more have been arrested by Delhi Police and Mumbai Police has also made some arrests. Now that match fixing reports have reached to house of team owners and BCCI supremo. So we will have to wait and watch how IPL is affecting Indian cricket more & more.

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2 Responses to Indian Premier League- Has cricket lost its essence?

  1. Mitali Panda says:

    India is a place where people like and love Cricket more than the national game which is hockey, and the current scenario has changed it all, where cricket has become the place to earn money rather than playing with a team effort,BCCI(the richest cricket board in the world) launched Indian Premier League which turned the essence of cricket from 50-50 to 20-20, but with a lot of fixing scams, betting…. this post provides a brighter idea of the above…. In my opinion Cricket is the game of gentle man and it always has spirit in it but due to some the spirit of a sportsman is disturbed but rather of all it has all its essence with in. Just ask yourself whether you like cricket or not… but you will ask always about when INDIA and PAKISTAN are going to clash, or the score or you stick to the TV for the last over and the JOY of winning the match against PAKISTAN, and that spirit is the essence which is in every Indian.

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Cricket is just like a religion in India and even the players are treated as god to all of us. But the excess commercial expand of it, reduces the craze of cricket. At a time people those who were working in a critical situation, never forgot to carry the news of any cricket match. But at the recent times, the scenario is totally changed. BCCI and ICC must need to think about these facts. After all this is our own religion.

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