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  • Rotary airlock valve

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    INTRODUCTION: It is a superior quality rotary air locks that are reliable and more efficient and have a long service life. The  important key to rotary valve performance and durability is optimal selection of air lock that depending on your process

  • Flexible bellows

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    INTRODUCTION: The bellows or a pair of bellows , it is a device that is constructed to furnish a strong blast of air.Although , the simplest type consists of a flexible bag that is comprised of  a pair of rigid boards with handles that are joined by flexible

  • Wounded filter cartridge

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    INTRODUCTION Wounded filter cartridge is also known as poly wound string cartridge filter bag. These bag are generally made by using used cotton, and polypropylene string wire. The wound filter cartridges are made by choosing the few appropriate raw material

  • Support Cages

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    INTRODUCTION Support Cages are the frame works or grid, which is made up of metal that supports a filter bag. These are made of carbon steel and galvanized iron (it is the coating of zinc layer to protect the material from corrosion).There are 8 to 24 wire

  • Strainer filter bags

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    INTRODUCTION Strainer is the device through which the liquid is passed for the purification and separation of the solid material; it is just works like the filter processing. Strainer filter bags is works as the trapping of the particle which is present in