Digital marketing jobs in India

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Introduction to Digital Marketing:

Today internet is assuming an imperative part in everyone’s life. It has completely changed the path through which individuals purchase items and the organization’s offers the items. Every single thing which is required by individuals in day by day life is accessible on the web. You can purchase them by sitting at your home. From machines to advanced cells, electronic gadgets to book, garments and shoes all are accessible on the web and you can get them at your doorstep. This has changed the inventive website organizations which in the end creates the extent of innovative employments.

The popularity of E- commerce is not limited to the developed countries only. Indian market is witnessing a huge popularity as the computer literacy rate has flourished the PC ownership and internet users. Today Indian market is witnessing huge growth in Digital marketing similar to the American and European countries.




Exponential growth of online purchase and E-Commerce market:-  

In the past years using internet was like the high end technology. It was available for those people who can afford personal computers in their houses with high speed internet for high rates. Today it has changed completely. The price for internet has reduced and access of internet has increased so the number of people who uses internet has grown exponentially in the last 10 years.

E commerce facilities in India are in budding stage and are growing with high speed. If we look the behavior or the trends of customers then you will be able to know that a lot is going to happen in online space in the coming years. According to the research it is being found that 77% of the total respondents shopped online at least one time in three months. Moreover 50% of the total has shopped at least once in the last month. So it is coming out to be one of the best strategies for promotion.

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Digital advertising outsourcing:-

In many countries like United Kingdom Canada, United States etc have established market of E commerce with the use of SEO and SMM concepts. Off shoring of the digital marketing needs have also been started in India. As the demand of the customers increases the digital marketing companies also increases. We can expect excellent job opportunities in the field as it has demands in both national and international levels.

Recently the association NASSCOM has made an announcement on the promotion of Indian E-Commerce and Digital Marketing companies in the markets of United States and Europe.


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