Initiated MAC Protocol

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The Self Adapting for Wireless Sensor Network Receiver Initiated the
MAC Protocol :
Energy efficiency is the major leitmotiv in designing of the
Medium Access Control that is MAC protocol for the Wireless Sensor
Networks. In this scheme, the receiver initiates the process that allow
two nodes to agree on the rendezvous to communicate: all the nodes are
periodically broad cast the beacon frames that indicate that they
are going to the listening for a short duration. In addition,
nodes intending to send a packet periodically poll the medium
until they hear beacon frame of the intended destination.
These two periods are different from others . This in effect decorrelates the
length of the attention signal on the medium that is preamble that
initiates the communication from sleep time of receiver
nodes. This paper presents the Self Adapting Receiver
Initiated the MAC protocol the SARI MAC which is a novel asynchronous
MAC protocol for energy constrained Wireless Sensor Networks.
SARI MAC self adapts to the traffic load to meet specified the
Quality of the Service requirements at lowest energy cost possible.downloadimages
To do so, SARI-MAC relies on the traffic estimation , the duty-cycle
adaptation and the acknowledgement mechanisms. The performance
evaluation assesses the SARI MAC meets given Q o S requirements
in energy efficient manner and outperforms the state of
the art protocol of the RI-MAC in a broad range of traffic scenarios.
MAC protocol Limitations :

In wireless network nodes transmit packets in the unsynchronized fashion.Medium Access
Control protocol is responsible for co-ordinating multiple access to the shared channel minimizing conflicts. This multiple an access schemes can be classified as fixed-assignment and demand assignment multi access schemes. Fixed-assignment multi access divides the available space of the
channel into subchannels with one subchannel assigned per every individual user. Demand assignment.
multi access allows the device to transmit immediately when data is available but this protocol which is
must account for the possibility of the contention when two or more devices simultaneously transmission.

Q1: Give the Classifications of MAC Protocols ?

Ans: Contention-based protocols with reservation


Support real-time traffic

Reserve bandwidth a priori

Synchronous protocols

The Global time synchronization is difficult to achieve

Asynchronous protocols

Not require global synchronization

contention based protocols with the scheduling

Packet scheduling at nodes and

Scheduling the nodes for access to the channel.

Q2 :  Devide the transmission channel ?

Ans:  transmission channel is divided into:

The data channel

data packet transmission

The control channel

RTS, CTS, busy tones.

Q3: Use two busy tones on the control channel ,  BT t and BT r?

Ans: BT t  : indicate that it is transmitting on the data channel

BT r : indicate that it is receiving on the data channel

Two busy tone signals are 2 sine waves at different Frequencies.

Q4:How many types  the RI-BTMA protocol ?

Ans: Two types the basic protocol

No backlog buffers

packets which suffer collisions cannot be


the controlled protocol

Backlogged mode

backlog buffer is non-empty

Backlog buffers : the transmitting a backlogged packet in the next idle slot with a probability q.

Non-backlogged mode

transmitting the  non-backlogged packet

in the next idle slot with the  probability p.

Q5: What are Basic mechanisms of D P S ?

Ans: Piggyback information

Head-of-line (HoL) packet as the packet with the highest priority

(lowest index)

RTS, CTS : carry current packet info

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  1. Prabhat Saxena says:

    media access control (MAC) data communication protocol is a sublayer of the data link layer, which itself is layer 2. The MAC sublayer provides addressing and channel access control mechanisms that make it possible for several terminals or network nodes to communicate within a multiple access network that incorporates a shared medium. this article gives the detail about MAC protocoll.

  2. patlakshi Jha says:

    The full form for MAC is Medium Access Control. This article contains all the information about the MAC which is mainly used for the wireless sensor. This information could be helpful for the ones who wants to know more about MAC.

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