INS MATRIC ENTRY Recruitment Exam Model Papers

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indian navy exam model papers



1) Which of the following is a pseudo force?

(A)Gravitational force

(B)Centrifugal force

(C)Electromagnetic force

(D)Nuclear force

2) Action reaction forces act simultaneously:

(A)On the same body

(B)On different body

(C)Along different lines

(D)In the same direction

3) The resistance of a conducting wire is 20 ohm. It is bend in the shape of a circle. What will be the resistance between two diametrically opposite points of the circle?

(A) 25 ohm

(B) 10 ohm

(C) 20 ohm

(D) 5 ohm

4) The force with which the earth attracts a body towards it is called-




(D Power

5) A force of 1N acting on a body causes a displacement of 1m of the body in the direction of the force. Calculate the work done in Joules.

(A) 100 J

(B) 10 J

(C) 1 J

(D) 0.1 J

6) Heat which causes change of temperature in a body is called-

(A)Latent heat

(B)Radiant heat

(C)Sensible heat

(D)Specific heat

7) How much heat is obtained by complete conversion of 42 J of work?[J=4.2J/cal]

(A) 1000 cal

(B) 100 cal

(C) 10 cal

(D) 1 cal

8) When the screen is made rough, there would be-

(A)Regular reflection

(B)Irregular reflection

(C)Both of these

(D None of these

9) How many colors are there in white light of the sun?





10) The attractive force by which atoms in a molecule united together is called a


(B)Chemical bond

(C)Chemical joint

(D)Physical bond

11) The oppositely charged ions unit together by _________ of attraction.

(A)Electrolytic force

(B)Elastic force

(C)Electrostatic force

(D)Electroblastic force

12)__________ is the ore of Iron.





13) Which of the following are amorphous allotropes?





14) Calculate the current drawn by a 100 watt-220 volt electric lamp. What is its resistance?

(A) 484.58 ohms

(B) 44.5 ohms

(C) 49 ohms

(D) 50.24 ohms

15) Calculate kinetic energy of a bullet of mass 0.5 kg travelling at the rate of 30 m/sec.

(A) 225 x 103 J

(B) 2.25 J

(C) 225 x 109 J

(D) 225 J


1) Find the area of a square, the length of whose diagonal is 2.4 m.

(A) 20 m2

(B) 100 m2

(C) 2.88 m2

(D) 123 m2

2) Find the area of the largest circle that can be drawn in a square of side 14 cm.

(A) 155 cm2

(B) 150 cm2

(C) 154 cm2

(D) 120 cm2

3) Solve:X+1/X=26/5.

(A) X=2,-1/3

(B) X=-4,1/5

(C) X=15,4


4) Solve: (x-5) (x-4) = 6

(A) x = 6, 4

(B) x = 3,2

(C) x = 7, 2

(D) x = 1,5

5) A positive number when decreased by 4, is equal to 21 times the reciprocal of the number. The number is :





6)4/X+3y=5, 6/X-2y=1


(B) X=2,y=1

(C) X=-4,y=-3


7) x-5y = 6, 3x-5y = 2

(A) x = 3, y = 6

(B) x = -2, y = -3

(C) x = ½, y = 2/3

(D) x = -4, y = -2

8) Sanjay is twice as old as his son. Before 10 years, his age was twice of the age of his son at that time. Find their present ages.

(A) 10 yrs, 20 yrs

(B) 20 yrs, 40 yrs

(C) 15 yrs, 30 yrs

(D) 12 yrs, 24 yrs

9) The multiplication of two natural number is 812.Find the numbers.

(A) 25, 26

(B) 26, 27

(C) 27, 28

(D) 28, 29

10) ABCD is a parallelogram with AD=7 cm, AB=4 cm and PO = 3 cm. Find the value of PQ =?

(A) 7 cm

(B) 9 cm

(C) 8 cm

(D) 6 cm

11) In a parallelogram ABCD, angle BAD = 450. Find the measure of each of the other three angles.

(A) 1200, 1200, 450

(B) 600, 600, 30o

(C) 1300, 1300,400

(D) 1350, 1350, 450

12) The diameter of a circular park is 42 m. How many meters of railing will be required to put a fence around it?

(A) 122 m

(B) 132 m

(C) 125 m

(D) 130 m

13)Simplify: (sinx+cosx)2+(cosx-sinx)2





(14)If 3cosx=2sinx, then tanx=?





15) The length of the shadow of a tower is 9 m when sun’s altitude is 300. What is the height of the tower?

(A)3.46 m

(B)5.19 m

(C)7.07 m

(D)8.48 m



ln our approach to life, be it pragmatic or otherwise a basic fact that confronts us squarely and unmistakably is the desire for peace, security and happiness. Different forms of life at different levels of existence make up the teeming denizens of this earth of ours. And. no matter whether they belong
to the higher groups such as human beings or to the lower groups such as animals, all beings primarily seek peace, comfort and security. Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a man. Even the lowliest insect strives for protection against dangers that threaten its life. Just as each one of us wants to live and not to die, so do all other creatures.

1). The author’s main point is that
(a) different forms of life are found on earth _
(b) different levels of existence are possible\ in nature
(c) peace and security are the chief goals of all living beings _
(d) even the weakest creature struggles to preserve its life
2). Which one of the following assumptions or steps is essential in developing the author’s position?
(a) All forms of life have a single overriding goal

(b) The will to survive of a creature is identified with a desire for peace
(c) All beings are divided into higher and lower groups
(d) A parallel is drawn between happiness and life, and pain and death


Fill in the blanks with appropriate tenses:

3) He often … to the cinema because he loves movies.

(A)  is going

(B)  going

(C)  go

(D)  goes

4) My sister … hamburgers: she thinks they’re bad for her.

(A)    doesn’t eat

(B)    eats

(C)    is eating

(D)    will eat

5) Two children and one adult … in a fire last night.

(A)    have died

(B)    will die

(C)    died

(D)    are dying

6) I … my exercise because I didn’t understand the questions.

(A)    did

(B)    won’t do

(C)    will do

(D)    didn’t do

 Which parts of speech is the bold word  in the following sentences?

7) I bought a beautiful dress at the mall.





8) I left my shoes under the kitchen table.

(A) adverb

(B) adjective

(C) preposition


9) On Saturdays I work from nine to five.

(A) noun


(C) preposition

(D) adverb

10) I’m sure I have met your girlfriend before.

(A) noun

(B) verb

(C) preposition


11)Andy knocked on the door but nobody answered.

(A) pronoun

(B) adverb

(C) adjective


12) Which of the following sentences is NOT punctuated correctly?

(A) All of the apple’s at the grocer’s were rotten. so I bought oranges instead.

(B) ‘Seven Canteens full of water should be enough for the hike’, said Tabitha.

(C) Until the stove is fixed, there ‘s no way I can bake a lemon meringue pie.

(D) The women, whose name escapes me at the moment, disappeared into the limousine.

13) Which of the following sentences is NOT punctuated correctly?

(A) We only expect three things from our dog: loyalty, affection, and tail wagging.

(B) I need you to pick up several boxes of paper clips, pens, and pencils; three pounds each of potatoes, carrots, and peas; and my dry cleaning.

(C) Marcy, my parrot, squawked for an hour, before finally calming down.

(D) All of above are punctuated correctly.

14) Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

(A) Tracy bought three suits; seven scarves; and ten pairs of shoes.

(B) We are expecting a hurricane this afternoon, therefore we have closed the school early.

(C) Allen, my receptionist at my office, was a handsome bloke.

(D) I have never been so insulted: I think I will go home now.

15)  Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

(A) ‘Come here, she said, and let me get a look at you.’

(B) Come here she said, and let me get a look at you.

(C) “Come here,” she said. “and let me get a look at you.”

(D) “Come here,” she said, “and let me get a look at you.”


1) . The oldest Indian language is:

A. Telugu

B. Hindu

C. Tamil

D. Punjabi

2) Which book has been printed in the maximum number of languages and these scripts?

A. The Bible

B. Hiraka Sutra

C. The Super Book

D. None of these

3) The only religious book ever printed in a shorthand scripts is:

A. The Ramayana

B. The Mahabharata

C. The bible

D. Guru Granth Sahib

4) Fa-hien was:

A. The first Buddhist pilgrim of China to visit India during the reign of Chandragupta Vikramaditya

B. The discover of Puerto Rico and Jamaica

C. The first Buddhist pilgrim of India to visit China

D. None of these

5) Who is also known as the Lady with the Lamp?

A. Florence Nightingale

B. Sarojini Naidu

C. Rani Laxmibai

D. Bachendri Pal

6) Where is the Vallabhbhai Patel stadium located?

A. Kolkata

B. Mumbai

C. Chennai

D. Delhi

7) For which of the following disciplines in Nobel Prize awarded?

A. Physics and chemistry

B. Physiology or Medicine

C. Literature, Peace and Economics

D. All the above

8) On which date is Nobel Prize awarded?

A. December 10

B. January 10

C. April 10

D. July 10

9) The national sport of Canada is:

A. Tennis and cricket

B. Lacrosse

C. Judo

D. Rugby and Football

10) Galileo was an Italian astronomer who:

A. Developed the telescope

B. Discovered 4 satellites of Jupiter

C. Discovered that the movement of the pendulum produces a regular time measurement.

D. All are correct

11) Who developed the small pox vaccination?

A. Eduard Jenner

B. Alexander Fleming

C. Albert Einstein

D. None of these

12) Marco Polo

A. Discovered Greenland

B. Traveled three China, India and other parts of Asia

C. Traveled round the cape of Good Hope

D. Discovered Canada

13) Which of the following in the book/play written by Maithili Sharan Gupt?

A. Saket

B. Satyartha Prakash

C. Shakuntala

D. Savitri

14) Dr. Linus Carl Pauling is the only person to have won two Nobel Prizes individually for:

A. Chemistry in 1954, peace prize in 1962

B. Peace prize in 1954, Chemistry in 1962

C. Physics in 154, Medicine in 1962

D. Medicine in 1954, Physics in 1962

15) . Who were the first to journey into space?

A. Maj. Yori Gagarin and maj. Gherman Titor from Russia

B. Comm. Grissom and Col john Glenn from America

C. Both are correct

D. None of these

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