Interesting science facts you never heard of

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Amazing Science Facts

Amazing Science Facts

There are many science facts which we have never heard of. These amazing science facts are a bit surprising but they are true. Let’s have a look over them.

    • Science facts says that our lungs are known to be the lightest of all organs in the body.
Chameleons Tongue

Chameleon’s Tongue

  • We have seen many chameleons but we never know this that their tongues are longer than their body.
  • If anyone wants to grow taller, say by two inches, have a trip into space. According to science as there is no gravity, the spine becomes free to elongate up to two inches.
  • 67000 miles per hour is the speed at which Earth is travelling across the sun. And guess what we are also moving at this speed.
Pumice stone floating in water

Pumice stone floating in water

  • Pumice is the only known rock which can float in water.
  • 300 beats per minute is the pulse of a hedgehog. I wonder what the heartbeat rate is when hedgehog meets his girlfriend!
  • It is known that human body has 206 bones .But as babies we are born with about 300 of them. As we age, some of bones fuse.
  • A blue whale tongue is as heavy as an adult elephant and even bigger than a taxi cab.
  • Genetically modified silk is stronger than steel.
Hypnotized chicken

Hypnotized chicken

  • This is very interesting fact. All of us must try this. A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trace by holding its head down against the ground, and continuously drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a figure, starting at its beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken.What a science wonder.
  • People in Japan grow watermelons in glass cubes to force them into following square-shaped. These cubic melons are easier to store in refrigerators. The seeds from these melons still produce round watermelons, unless those too grow in cubes.
Watermelon grown in Japan

Watermelon grown in Japan

  • Human tongue is the strongest muscles found in body.
  • Acid present in stomach for digestion of food is so concentrated, that it can dissolve a razor blade.
  • Looking at the sun can trigger a sneeze. Sneezing as a result of being exposed to a bright light is known a photic sneeze reflex.
  • 60-65 million years ago dolphins and humans shared a common ancestor.
  • Cows and horses sleep while standing up.
  • Just because a snake has its eyes closed, don’t think it’s not still looking at you, they can see through their eyelids.
  • While adults blink around 10 times a minute, infants blink only once or twice.
  • Rabbits and parrots can see behind themselves without even moving their heads.
  • Sneezing with our eyes open is impossible.
    • Our sense of smell is 10000 times more sensitive than our sense of taste.
Butterfly Fact


  • Butterflies taste food by standing on the top of it. Their taste receptors are in their feet.
  • The leg bones of a bat are so thin that no bat can walk.
  • Ants cannot chew their food; they move their jaws sideways, like scissors, to extract the juices from food.
  • A Zebra is white with black stripes.
  • Sharks are immune to cancer.
  • Ants do not sleep.
    • A cockroach can live for several weeks without its head.
Mosquito has 47 teeth

Mosquito has 47 teeth

  • A mosquito has 47 teeth.Interesting science fact.
  • Houseflies have a lifespan of two weeks.
  • Algae lamps which use 150 -200 times more CO2 than trees may soon light up the streets in future.A science fact which give us hope.
  • If a cockroach touches a human it will run away to clean itself!So do not be afraid of cockroach.
    • only 518 people have ever been to space.That’s 0.000000074%.
Facts about Dolphins

Facts about Dolphins

  • A study published today found that dolphins have the ability to call out for lost loved ones when
    separated using a specific whistle. This whistle seems to be the dolphin equivalent of a name, as it only ever refers to one individual.
  • Spanish researchers have successfully cured type 1 diabetes in dogs using gene therapy.
  • Live birth has evolved in more than 120 lizard and snake species, but never in any turtles. New research suggests this could be a result of female turtles tactics of delaying egg laying and even halting embryo development until conditions are optimal by restricting oxygen levels to eggs before laying.
  •  Random science fact: the fastest species of tiger beetle (Cicindela hudsoni) can run at a speed of 9 km/h (5.6 mph), which relative to its body length is the equivalent of a human running at 480 miles per hour (770 km/h).
  • A new study may have solved the mystery of how homing pigeons find their way home. The new evidence suggests that the birds are able to create a mental “map” of their surroundings using low-frequency sound waves.What an interesting science fact about birds.
  • Science fact about liver.Our liver performs more than 500 jobs within your body – and can continue to function if 75% of it is diseased or removed.
  • A blue whale can’t even swallow a full human, they have filter feeders.
  • Strange but true.A study published on Tuesday by biologists at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute suggests that domestic cats kill up to 3.7 billion birds and 20.7 billion small mammals every year in the USA alone.
  • The atlantic wolffish generate an antifreeze to keep their blood circulating in sub zero temperatures.A science fact that no one knows.
  • This the most interesting science fact.During our lifetime,we will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.
  • A science fact is that brain is much more active at night than during day.
  • A science fact is that Golf balls have dimples because they help to reduce drag.This allows the ball to fly further than a smooth ball would.
  • The most wonderful science fact.Footprints and type tracks left behind by astronauts on moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away.So if we visit moon we can leave our footprints there forever.
  • Because of lower gravity, a person who weighs 100 kg on earth would weigh 38 kg on surface of Mars.
  • What a funny science fact brain itself cannot feel pain.
  • Amazing science fact left side of our body is controlled by right side of our brain while right side of our body is controlled by left side of our brain.

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  1. Rachita Mishra says:

    some fact of science are given here.Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. In an older and closely related meaning, “science” also refers to a body of knowledge itself, of the type that can be rationally explained and reliably applied.

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    Science is a world of questions.facts and issues.We are always in search of answers of different questions in the world of science.This article gives information about certain important facts which would be very helpful for students who have the urge of exploring science.

  3. Ritika Krishna Savita says:

    Healthy 7 vital information which should be shared among as many people , as possible.

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    We generally studied science from primary level to higher secondary level or even more,but still we are unaware of many science facts which are happening around us.This article is very useful in knowing these amazing science facts.

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    Quiet helpful, the quality of the content shared is good. It’s useful for enhancing our knowledge as well as for the general purpose. If you have knowledge then you definitely going to exceed in your life. Interesting facts are discussed over here.

  6. Seema Mishra says:

    Science as a subject goes well beyond our textbooks, with so many interesting things about it which we are not aware of.Science is a broad concept which encompasses several disciplines, and hence compiling a list of interesting facts on this subject is no easy job. Here in this article few facts are discussed.Its very interesting,I really enjoyed while reading this article..Please Go through this article….

  7. Urvashi Khanduja says:

    Really interesting…. I think there are so many people who are not also aware of these facts.
    One should read this article carefully to gain information about science.

  8. Gourav Kumar says:

    Amazing facts and I really love this article, anyone who loves Science should read this article. Some of the facts were really fascinating and new for me..

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    Amazing and kindling facts some to laugh at and some very interesting to know.. elicit and will evoke evoke you to know more and more…… do read it.. all facts are very intriguing and fascinating.!

  10. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    That was an amazing read! phew!! loved it! All you keen people out there just go through this! m sure u’ll love it and then thank me for it!! ever imagined someone walking around you without a head????!!!! gross?? not really it happens almost everyday in our kitchens……..the crawly cockroaches!!! they can live several weeks without a head! now that’s amazing right? Wanna know more of such things? then this article is a must read for u 🙂

  11. Ajit Vikash says:

    Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question “How ?” but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question “Why ?”

    Some of the facts here just keep amusing me to find out “Why ?” . A must read for all the science freaks !!!

  12. Vipin Sahu says:

    Real awesome facts………….. After reading this article i got amazed by knowing that chickens can also be hypnotized or lots more facts like that.

  13. sumit mukherjee says:

    ”only 518 people have ever been to space.That’s 0.000000074%” – what a amazing thing!!! How many people do know about this? Science is one of the interesting field. I feel that everybody have go through the article…

  14. Atif Pall says:

    Some facts that would definitely startle your imagination. Ever imagined a mosquito with “47 teeths” ??
    Definitely not ?
    Intresting article to drive you nuts and so much to share. Go through it once .

  15. Sona kumari says:

    Amazing facts…seriously never heard of…nice article…

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    Wow…INCREDIBLE facts… Science is leading like anything in this World. Everyone should read this damn informative article.

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    SURPRISING ARTICLE….. !!!!!An article that can give you knowledge more can surprise u….. READ THIS ARTICLE TO KNOW DIFFERENT HYPOTHESIS,THEORY AND LAW…….

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    Informative and interesting..!!
    One of my best reads in recent times.. Got to learn a lot of things from here.
    The HEIGHT INCREAMENT THEREPY was jaw-dropping.
    Good work!! Got more facts and figures?? Share it fast


    This article is really very interesting for those who have keen affinity for science.

  20. shreya sarkar says:

    Amazing facts. Everyone must go through this. A person can grow taller by going in space. wow!!

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    want to know about the interesting facts of science that you never heard of? this site will give you all such facts!!!!!!

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    Amazing article, when i was read this out i am just like wow!!!!! what an incredible science facts i am ever read .
    Seriously this article was really awesome.

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    WOW!!!! so many facts in just one article….. this article is really filled with interesting knowledge facts… One must go through this article once … i am sure there are many facts that are new to all and this will help i some or the other way…….

  24. Neha S says:

    INCREDIBLE article…
    Loved it and read it all
    I cannot imagine ants without heads or without sleeping.. 😉

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    Nice article.Most of these facts are new to me.I am sure all of us have a good time reading this article.pretty informative one..

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      really intresting facts very informative and very intresting also. totally amused with the knowledge and wonderful will be the understatement. such a enlightened science facts…..great. The world of science is collectively very special and surprising and enormous facts and theories generated each and every day in between the lines of society in the so called universe.

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