Internet Protocol Version 6

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Q.1 Define IPV6?

Ans. IPV6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6.It is the next generation of internet protocol. Basically it is developed to solve the problem of eventual exhaustion of IPV4 address space. Although it also provide some other advantages like its address length is 16 bytes long in contrast  to IPv4 has 4 bytes long.

Q.2 Describe the address structure improvement features of IP Version 6?


  • To reduce the size of routing table, globally unique address with more level of addressing hierarchy.
  • Autoconfiguration address by host.
  • By adding “scope” field to multicast addresses, improved scalability of multicast routing.
  • To send a packet to any one of group of devices, a new type of address called “Anycast address” is used.

Q.3 Explain the Integration of  IPV6 & IPV4?

Ans. It has been designed to smooth transition from IPV4 is possible. The most efficient way is to ensure that this is use to dual IP stack. A node for both 128 bits of IPV6 address and 32 bits of IPV4 address. This node has been configured as Dual IP stack system and can communicates only nodes running IPV4 & nodes running only IPV6.

Q.4 Explain 6-to-4 interface tunneling?

Ans. Automatically a switch can tunnel IPV6 packet over IPV4 interface because connection of IPV6 domain via IPV4 cloud. First of all interface must be correctly configured with global IPV4 addresses and then route is set up to communicate with the router at the other end of tunnel using IPV4.

Q.5 Explain command ADD IPV6 6TO4?

Ans. Syntax :

ADD IPV6 6TO4  IP=ipv4add

where ipv4add is global IPV4 address of IPV4 interface that IPV6 packets transmitted and received on. in dotted decimal notation.

This command is used to create a virtual tunnel interface.

Q.6 Explain the command ADD IPV6 TUNNEL?

Ans. Syntax:

ADD IPV6 TUNNEL LOCAL= ipv4add  TARGET=ipv4add

[INTERFACE= tunnel-interface]  [IPADDRESS=ipv6add]


  • ipv4add is a valid IPV4 address in dotted decimal notation.
  • tunnel interface is virtual interface of form of virtn, where n is an integer lies between 0 to 255
  • ipv6 is valid IPV6 address.

Q.7  What do you mean by 6bone?

Ans. It is a virtual experimental network that support IPV6 packets, that tunneled together through the existing IPV4 internet. Mostly nodes are workstations with IPV6 capable operating system. 6bone is the part of transition of IPV6. It is used to provide an environment in which IPV6 can be tested and procedures to develop IPV6. 6bone is probably disappear after development of IPV6.

Q.8  Describe IPV6 addresses?

Ans.8 They are made up of 8 pairs of octets seprated by colons(:) and are hexadecimal.

eg: ds44:0000:41po:0000:0000:0000:tr978:0012

  • For the shortness of time and exact use, leading zero can be omitted.
  • consecutive zeros can be replaced by double colon.

Q.9 Describe IPV6 Filtering?

Ans. Filtering of data is important mechanism due to increase in connection to internet and interconnection of networks. This mechanism is ensure that only legitimate connection is allowed. Filters permits to network manager to manage the permissible free access and don’t permit the users who donot have permission. IPV4 & IPV6 has similar mechanism.

Q.10 Explain headers of  IPV6?

Ans. The basic unit of data sent through an internet is called a packets in IPV6. Header consists in packet followed by data. It contain the necessary information to move the packet accross the internet. It is able to cope missing & duplicate packets and possible fragmentation of orignal packet.

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    IPV6 is the advance version of IPV4 and it have many advantages over IPV4 .By using IPV6 transition become smooth by using 128-bit address…

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    IPV6 is the new version op IP which is used for identification and locating adress of devices during communication process by using 128-bit address.if anyone wan to clarify his/her doubt abt it read this .

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