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Satyam is one of largest Indian IT company was taken over by Mahindra after its Fiasco was founded as Satyam in 1987 is 240 million $ company. The company provide services in both the Enterprise Solutions and Telecom Solutions.Mahindra Satyam got merged with Tech Mahindra to give a more advanced rise in the technology to serve the people across the world. Tech Mahindra is the part of Mahindra & Mahindra. The career at Mahindra satyam is much bright and awesome with lots of challenges and learning attitude. Before we go forward, please have a look at this video to make things easy to understand for you-

Here are few important interview questions and answers for Mahindra Satyam which are asked during Interview at Mahindra satyam-

Mahindra Satyam interview questions

Mahindra & Mahindra Career

1. Tell me about yourself:
The most often asked question in interviews. You need to have a short
statement prepared in your mind. Be careful that it does not sound
rehearsed. Limit it to work-related items unless instructed otherwise.
Talk about things you have done and jobs you have held that relate to
the position you are interviewing for. Start with the item farthest
back and work up to the present.

2. What do you know about this organization?
This question is one reason to do some research on the organization
before the interview. Find out where they have been and where they are
going. What are the current issues and who are the major players?

3. If you had enough money to retire right now, would you?
Answer yes if you would. But since you need to work, this is the type
of work you prefer. Do not say yes if you do not mean it.

4. What would you like to be doing five years from now?

 Again, this question is asked to find out whether you are committed to the job. The fact is that there are people who hop from job to job, and that is because they don’t really have a solid plan to follow.

Another reason for popping this question is to see whether you are someone who sets goals in life. It’s indisputable that people who set long-term goals are more reliable than those who don’t. I mean, knowing what you want in life says a lot about your personality, perhaps as a person who can lead and stay motivated.

5. Describe your management style.
Try to avoid labels. Some of the more common labels, like progressive,
salesman or consensus, can have several meanings or descriptions
depending on which management expert you listen to. The situational
style is safe, because it says you will manage according to the
situation, instead of one size fits all.

6. Describe your work ethic.
Emphasize benefits to the organization. Things like, determination to
get the job done and work hard but enjoy your work are good.

7. What is more important to you: the money or the work?
Money is always important, but the work is the most important. There is
no better answer

8. What has disappointed you about a job?
Don’t get trivial or negative. Safe areas are few but can include:
Not enough of a challenge. You were laid off in a reduction Company did
not win a contract, which would have given you more responsibility

9. What kind of salary do you need?
A loaded question. A nasty little game that you will probably lose if
you answer first. So, do not answer it. Instead, say something like,
That’s a tough question. Can you tell me the range for this position?
In most cases, the interviewer, taken off guard, will tell you. If not,
say that it can depend on the details of the job. Then give a wide

10. Do you have any questions for me?
Always have some questions prepared. Questions prepared where you will be an asset to the organization are good. How soon will I be able to be productive? and What type of projects will I be able to assist on? are

 Download the HR Interview questions and answers in pdf here Mahindra Satyam HR Interview Questions with Answers pdf

Also download the Technical Interview Questions in pdf here Mahindra Satyam Technical Interview Questions in pdf

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  1. siva kumar m says:

    iam attending an interview for Feb 1st 2013, so i want reference from you,so please provide reference for me, tkanking you.

  2. pragya saxena says:

    it is really very helpful …going to help me in all interviews..

  3. Pallavi sinha says:

    MAHINDRA SATYAM is a pat of MAHINDRA group of company which is one of the top 10 company in India.
    they are providing enterprise solutions, client relationship management, business intelligence, business process quality, operations management, engineering solutions, digital convergence, product life cycle management, infrastructure management services etc.
    Aspirants those who want to join this company can take reference from here……

  4. Divya Acharya says:

    This compyany is apart of MAHINDRA groups,it an IT based company which is based on IT related services. These placement related questions will help you out in getting place in this company,which will lead you to a bright future.

  5. Peenal Desai says:

    It is an indian IT service company which is a part of Mahindra Group. It offers consulting and IT services. Company stood bravely among the different difficulties it has faced during the past few years, but these placement papers will take your ‘confidence level’ to a level from their you can see a BRIGHT FUTURE in this organisation.

  6. patlakshi says:

    Mahindra Satyam is leading information, communications and technology (ICT) company providing top-class business consulting services. if you want to make your career a bright one log on to this site.

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