Interview Questions of Alcatel-Lucent with Technical and HR Interview

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Alcatel-Lucent is one of the top Electronics and Telecommunication company which has been founded in 2006 with Merger of Alcatel which was founded in 1898 and Lucent technologies (1996) has total revenue of about $15 billion . It has been named in Top 50 Most Innovative companies of the world and provides products in Cloud Computing and IP. Alcatel-Lucent has been pioneer in mobile manufacturing and Mobile Technology development. Job prospects in Alcatel for management and Engineering candidates are high as this is the core industry for the Electronics and Communication Engineering students. Let us have a look over type of Interview questions of Alcatel-Lucent asked in the Alcatel Recruitment-

Alcatel-lucent interview questions

Alcatel-Lucent is the world leader and most innovative company of the world

Interview Questions of Alcatel-Lucent:

Q1. Why do you want to join Alcatel Lucent?
SOL: I am looking for new challenges and love to work on electronic devices. This company is one of the renowned company in the electronic field where I can use all my knowledge that I learnt during graduation.

Q2. How much would you give from your side to achieve your goals?
SOL: Definitely, I will give my 100% in my work to achieve my goals and always try to expand that.

Q3. Tell us about some of the disappointments in your life?
SOL: I have only one disappointment in my life that I was unable to crack IIT Joint Exam.

Q4. Can you write a program to insert a node in a doubly linked list?
SOL: Yes, why not (then write the program).

Q5. Do you have any question for us?
SOL: Sir, may I know the first place where I am going to place.

Q6. Can you write a program to implement stack as a circular linked list?
SOL: Write the program if you know or otherwise, insist for some another question.

Q7. Do you have any short term goal?
SOL: Confidently tell the goals you have in this question. Replying in “dont have any goal”, might cause a negative impact.

Q8. Tell us how you would you react if you are not clear about the instruction regarding your task?

SOL: If not clear about the instructions at the first time, I would humbly ask my doubts to the instructor. Getting the job done is more important. I don’t hesitate in asking questions.

Q9.There are 5 jars of pills. Four of them weigh 10 grams each. One jar contains pills of 9 gms. Can you identify the jar having the 9 gms pills with the help of a scale in a single measurement?

Q10. Would you like doing repetitive work?
SOL: Why not, I am not only doing a repetitive work but also earning but also getting the great BUGS.

Q11. Do you think you are a good leader?
SOL: Yes but also want to have some more experiences of life.

 Q12.Optimize the code given below
For(int i=0;ival1;++)
printf(“inside the loop);

Q13. How can you apply your leadership skills to the job you are assigned for?
SOL: I will definitely try to use my all experiences of my leadership any try to solve the problems so that , this company can progressed with a tremendous increase.

Q14. What are the layers of OSI model? State one or two protocols for each layer?
SOL: There are seven layers in OSI Model namely; Physical Layer(PDH, DSL); Data Link Layer( ATM, L2TP); Network Layer(ICMP, IGMP); Transport Layer(TCP,UDP); Session Layer(SAP, PPTP); Presentation Layer(MIMI, XDR); Application Layer(SMTP, SMPP).

Q15. Why is the role model in your life?
SOL: Upon being asked such a question, never say that you do not have any role model. Be genuine, a say the name of the person with whom you are inspired.

Q16. Tell us something about your current job responsibilities?
SOL: As I am a fresher just passed out my graduation so still I don’t have any work experience of the job but I will really a better option for this job .

Q17. Choose the correct option: State the frequency at which Voice is sampled

a) 16 khz
b) 4 khz
c) 64 khz
d) 8 khz

SOL: 8 Khz

Q18. Tell us about some of the challenges you have faced in your professional life.
SOLCompleting the target assigned in time maintaining the quality and balancing it with my personal life is the biggest challenge for me till now.

Q19. Say something about Unix shell
SOL: UNIX shell is basically a command line interpreter that works on UNIX systems. Best UNIX shells till now are Bourne shell and C shell.

Q20. How will you react to a situation when you are assigned with a task which is beyond your skills?
SOL: What can I do i.e. TRY to complete it with full of intention.

Q21. Which of the following statements is true to dbms?
a) Collection of set of programs and data
b) Collection of data
c) Collection of inter related data and no requirement of any programs
d) Collection of inter related data and set of programs in order to access that data.

Q22. Are you good enough with powerpoint?
SOL: Yes, I feel I am good. You can check me if you want.

Q23. Do you think you have all the skills required for the post you have applied for?SOL: Yes.

Q24. Are you familiar with NoSQL?
SOL: NoSQL is a modern database of next generation which provides the mechanism of addressing points which uses looser consistency model.

Q25. How many bits are there in a byte?
SOL: 8 bits

Q26. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?\
SOL: On the post of GM in this company.

Q27. Why should we hire you?
SOL: Because I can take over to the any of the candidate who is applying for this job.

Q28. What do you know about our company?
SOL: It is on of the renowned company that can provide good electronic products to their clients with a great commitment in their products . It is on of the leading company in the Telecommunication market

Q29. Tell us something about Ethernet.
SOL: Ethernet is a kind of network to connect different computer systems. It is mostly used in companies to conduct their private and confidential business.

Q30. What do you know about FPGA design flow?
SOL: FPGA is a two dimensional array of interconnects and logic blocks which are programmable.Interconnects are programmed using the switch boxes which connects the logic blocks and logic blocks are programmed for the desired function which is to be performed.

These are the some of the Alcatel Interview Questions which has been asked in the Alcatel Recruitment Process. Download the pdf of the Interview Questions of Alcatel, click INTERVIEW QUESTIONS OF ALCATEL PDF

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