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Here is the listing of basic Interview-questions of HCL to guide you with the interview process of HCL, HCL Bpo and others HCL brands. These technical and general questions asked by the interviewer during the interview questions are either related to the candidates general knowledge or what he learn in his graduation level. In an interview the candidate should be full of confidence, should give answer clearly, boldly and to the point. Let’s have a look at the types of questions asked-

Technical questions:-

1. State management in .net?

2. Difference between Abstraction and Interface?

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3. Give an example of Late binding/Runtime Polymorphism e

4. What is your Current project Architecture?

5. How do you implemented singleton Architecture in your project?

6. How many types of Assemblies are there?

7. How you create shared assembly?

8. What is static class?

9. What is static constructor?

10. Differences between method overloading and overriding?

11. What does virtual keyword means?

12. What is a virtual function?

13. What is the default keyword for methods?

14. Differences between oracle 9i and SQL server?

15. There will be a Tables based question to check your analytical ability and the pattern will be like this one-

EMPLOYEE having columns like Empid, Empname, Salary, Mgrid.
PHONE having Empid and Phone number.

Based on these, some questions will be asked like these-

1) Select all the Employees who does not have phone?
2) Display all managers from table(Manager id is same as Empid)
3) How to know How many tables contain Empno as a column in database?


· About future plans ?

· What kind of job are you looking for?

· Last night dream?

· Good and bad quality about you?

· Any memorable moment of life?

· About school days?

· Your favourite colour ? Why?

· Why did you choose this college?

· Why did you choose HCL than other company?

· Could you describe the work culture?

· Out of all the candidates that we have interviewed, why should we choose you only?

· Tell us about the skills which are required for this position?

You can also download the Interview-questions of HCL in pdf for your interview preparations from here HCL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.pdf

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