Introduction of Pre Primary Education

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Pre Primary Education can be defined as “a set of knowledge along with skills and experience as well as behavioral rules which provides the essential for coping successfully in everyday life and at school.” This is acquired at a child care institution.

Objective of Pre Primary Education:

The children under the age group of 1 to 6 yrs are supposed to get growth and expansion in the field of school academics as preschoolers. To afford the holistic development akin to cognitive, social, expressive and interacting skills or in general the development of the kids counting with a variety of maturity and knowledge in a child like considerable, emotional, exciting, mental, ethical, fine motor, gross motor, verbal communication, education, admiring, response etc. with other individuality build up at this phase. To promote an intelligence of self-determination and an optimistic personal likeness in the general public also grow. To take care of acceptance and admiration intended for others in the course of the value for adults and love affection for the youngsters generate among the kids.

When children build up and becoming to be the adults, we desire them by Pre Primary Educationincluding them to adopt the essential continued existence skills or intelligence such as language and Vocabulary skills with sight words. Independent encouragement, the aptitude to converse on one’s individual’s favor, is an imperative and commanding effect for offspring and grownups, particularly the individuals with ailments.

By gaining the culture in advance with competencies that encourage the independence as an immature child, we commence to concrete the approach for them to successfully utilize their accent or other resources to converse up and doing on their personal morals. At this stage whilst the brood encompasses the aptitude to interact merely in their mother tongue, they acquire the thought and inspiration of understanding or to communicate themselves in English and Hindi languages in the society, which they are conscious of.

The subjects which are taught at Pre Primary level of School Academics for holistic developments are:

English Language & Text:

English Language and TextIn English Language children at this stage learn the phonic sounds which are related to accent of 2 to 3 letter words and gradually it goes on for 5 to 6 letters. Where as in text they start reading and learning the sentences from the prescribed text books.

Mathematics:  Mathematics

In Mathematics children grasp the knowledge of Numerals from 1-100 in the form Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Place Value, Greater & Smaller than, word Problems, Money etc.

EVS (Environmental Studies):  Environmental Science

Environmental Studies means to acquire the knowledge of nature where they study about plants, animals, fruits, flowers, physical features of the surrounding, Sun –who gives us light and energy, clouds, Rain, Water etc.

General Knowledge:  General Knowledge

About parts of the body, Digestive system, names of the fingers, tooth, Different system of body organs, Personal Hygiene our great freedom fighters, prayers, National Anthem, Patriotic songs, Pledge etc.

Art & Craft:  Art & Craft

How to draw the objects and color them with different concepts of coloring. Craft would be concerning with Origami (paper folding- Japanese Art).

Work Experience:  Work Experience

It is associated with opposites like Hot x Cold, Tall x Short, collage (paper tearing & sticking).

Rhymes & Action Songs:  Rhymes & Action Songs

Children sing the songs by means of Rhyming Words and different events of the body with the help of actions, for instance- 12345, once I caught a fish alive.

Story Telling:  Story Telling

Dramatization- Monkey and the Cap Seller and The Little Red Riding Hood etc.

Co-curricular & Extra-curricular Activities: Extra-curricular Activities

Indoor activities like kite making, rakhi, hina, decoration of Diwali oil lamps, recognition of Holi colours and Extra-curricular Activities playing Outdoor games like Khoko, Kabaddi, Basket-ball, Dog and the bone, Hide and seek-flat race etc.

Field Trip: Field Trip

Visiting Botanical Garden, Post Office, Blind School, Historical places and their importance.

Individual & Group effort:  Individual & Group effort

An individual child prepares a cold drink and a group effort would be a group of children would arrange for special variety of sandwiches etc.

Importance of Pre Primary Education:

  1. Pre school education is essential for your toddler because it prepares your child for kindergarten and future school which will be allowed to build a base for his future education.
  2. It allows developing a child’s personality by exposing the creativity of the child in a natural way.
  3. Pre primary education helps to learn that how a child can adjust with his/her peers and interact with outsiders.
  4. It ensures the physical, mental and emotional growth of the child. The child develops his cognitive skills in the scientific curriculum that nurtures the child.

This is how Pre Primary education helps to nurture a child’s mind as well as grow into a healthy, socially well-adjusted child and individual.

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    Pre primary education all features

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    Pre primary education all features

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    Pre primary education

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    what are the problems and possible suggestions related to pre primary education?

  16. Anwar Baig says:

    what are the problems and possible suggestions related to pre primary education?

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    Masters degree

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    Pre primary hampers the natural growth of the child and it may not allow the aptitude of the child to develop. In many countries the concept of pre primary at this age group is not in practice.

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    for pre-primay children what should be tought what will be the syllabus

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    where was first preprimary school started in the world

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    Primary education in India and its aims,content,method of instruction and evaluation system

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    i am an ND certificate holder in animal husbandry and a computer literate

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