Inventions and Discoveries in the 20th Century

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“INVENTIONS…..”  sounds  tough and not easy to go with. As soon as this word comes to our mind ,we start thinking of several sleepless nights of  hardwork , innovation , intelligence and the list goes on.But often inventions and discoveries  were the result of an accident or twist that took place without notice and some were meant to do so. Long ago at about 212 BC Archimedes Principle was discovered by accident. Archimedes who lived on the island of Sicily was once called by his king and asked to check the purity of gold in his crown. He worked on the problem for days but could not find a solution. One afternoon he stepped into a bathtub full of water and watched as the water overflowed.  He realized that the amount of water that was displaced from the bathtub was equal to the volume of his body as it entered the water. EUREKA !

Archimedes Invention !

Archimedes Invention !

This was the answer to his problem!  He did the same for the crown and thus came to a conclusion , leading to the discovery of  the Law of Buoyancy . Similarly the discovery of Gravity was known to occur due to the falling of an apple by Isaac Newton . In 1826 Jhon Walker invented  friction matches in his way to remove a chemical mixture from his stirring stick by scraping it against stone.

The 20th Century involved many inventions and discoveries that reformed us , our lifestyles and the entire system of the world. These inventions included different electronic gadgets, tools, automobiles etc There came a significant rise in the field of science and technology with the advent of 20th  century. These inventions gave a new perception to life, enabling people to lead a more convenient lifestyle. At the beginning of this century , the air and land were conquers with such inventions as the airplane , radio and the  automobile. These tender inventions quickly evolved into supersonic flight, wireless internet, alternative fuel and electric vehicles. Some great inventions of the 20th century are given below.


Initially, human power tried to achieve bird like flight, but materials in the early days were just too heavy . Over the years, more powerful, light and reliable engines were created as well as single fixed wing airplane was designed.

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

The airplane was invented by the Wright brothers , Orville and Wilbur in 1903. Their first successful airplane flew for only 12 seconds and only made it 10 feet off the ground , but this flight revolutionized travel for the world.Within 15 years conventional flights became viable to people in 1940. Since then airplanes have become more developed and used by thousands of people everyday, thanks to the Wright brothers.



First Television

First Television

The first Television in the broadcast media came out  in 1923 and the inventors were  Philo Farnsworth and Vladmir Zworykin. It changed the way we receive information and entertainment by providing a visual format to the sound.The initial televisions were black and white but by 1950 it became available in colour.As the years passed television developed  to what it is now.


The  Dailmer Motoren Gesellschaft(DMG)

The Dailmer Motoren Gesellschaft(DMG)

One of the most popular mode of transportation was the Dailmer Motoren Gesellschaft(DMG) . It was invented by Daimler and Mabach in 1892.Without these we will still be using the horse and carriage. Designs to built the car were greatly improved just the things you see on the road nowdays.The downside though is that we have become dependent on them which is affecting the Earth and our systems badly. One of its adverse effect includes the green house effect leading to Global Warming.


Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Plants

Nuclear technology was first discovered as radioactivity in 1869. It showed its adverse effect during the nuclear bombing in the Japenese city Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The first nuclear weapon was not used until 1945. In 1950’s nuclear reactors started to be used as sources of energy.


the-liquid-fuel-rocketThe first flight of a liquid fuel rocket occurred on march 16, 1926 which was powered by liquid oxygen and gasoline American professor Robert H.

Goddard launched it and it rose 41 feet and flew for 2.5 seconds. It demonstrated that liquid fuel rockets were possible, eventually leading to Sputnik and the Moon






indexThese were first released in Japan around the 1980s.Originaly they were large bulky things and designed as walky talkies.But since then they have been constantly being upgraded to the devices we use now. The first mobile phone was invented in 1973 by Motorola .It was too expensive for many people to purchase. It was not until the mid 1990’s that people started using mobile phones.



images2FIBRE OPTICS is said to be the backbone of communication initially developed in  1966. It largely allowed the Internet revolution to happen. Internet  was designed in 1973 and it revolutionized the sharing of information among people globaly.It also lead to the free transfer of data across networks through emails . Internet is said to reside in almost every house  .It has  greatly influenced the youth to such an extent that they  can stay without food but not without internet connection.



One of the major invention was that of the PERSONAL COMPUTER which brought a great revolution in the world.In 1981 personal computers came into exsistence with a screen ,keyboard and memory disk by IBM. The IBM 5100 was the first laptop or portable computer released on September 1975. Gradually  this field showed great enhancement to technology giving birth to the new concept of handy devices.

InventionsAfter such long dose of high knowledge and innovations let us now look at some of the  facts about inventions.

  • The telescope was accidentally discovered in 1698 when Dutch eye glass maker Hans Lippershey looked through two lenses – one held in front of the other – and realized that the image was magnified.
  • J.B. Dunlop,  inventor of the pneumatic tire, was a veterinary surgeon.babyruth
  • The trademarked name “Baby Ruth” of the American candy bar was inspired by President Grover Cleveland’s daughter, Ruth, and not by Babe Ruth.



  • 2The first rickshaw was invented in 1869 by an American Baptist minister, the Rev. E. Jonathan Scobie, to transport his disabled wife around the streets of Yokohama.
  • The Band-Aid Bandage was invented by a Johnson & Johnson employee whose wife had cut herself. Earl Dickson’s wife was rather accident prone, so he set out to develop a bandage that she could apply without help.
  • It was melting ice cream that inspired the invention of the outboard motor.9

A major cause for inventions is human’s anxiety to know and learn. Questions like WHAT? HOW? WHY?  lead to discoveries and inventions which not only affects our life but also give reasons to nature. As centuries pass we will further come across some surprising discoveries and inventions.


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  1. Rishu Goel says:

    These inventions are a very good example of the evolving brains,so looking forward for some greater inventions in the 21st century…

  2. preeti nisha says:

    Imagination is a unique human capacity to envision that which is not and thus leads to invention and discoveries. Inventions and new discoveries make life more easier and compatible. Invention of internet, cellphone, personal computers have all made work so easy and fast in this competitive era. It has improved the living and well being of people, modes of communication have become so fast that it takes just splits seconds to exchange information. It has led to urbanization and thus invention and discoveries play a significant role in the development of a nation in terms of all technology, nuclear power, and economic growth.

  3. Anjali Dreamgirl says:

    In 20th century many inventions are made, which is well explained in the above article.

  4. sakshi chaudhary says:

    “Creation is the mother of Invention”….Well said,Sometimes our simple quarries and facts give birth to an invention or some new Discovery.In last 20 years many important things were invent which become the part of lifestyle…and life without them seems to be impossible like mobile phones…..Some of them add stars to the personality and some of them totally change the whole world like Computers…This post summaries all the major inventions that take place in 20Th century …..

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