Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

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Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

Backwardness of our country is not totally the consequence of our political system after all we get the political environment as we are. Our leaders come from us only so to blame politician is easiest methodology we have adopted for.

After the dawn of independence the economic and growth of our country was the major issue for our country and  after the globalization  it was a major concern. But at that time we have not at the survival position.

If we talk about the last two decades The system of coalition government especially has initiated a new tactics of saving the government rather than reviving the country. India has enough potential to grow but its leaders have even bigger bellies than that. Our political system dilutes the accountability and parties blame each other for any mis governance. But at the same time I would like to point out that the mindset and awareness of citizens also play a significant role in any country’s growth. In India most of the people treat themselves as just a statistics on a census chart and keep blaming politician for every small issue. They must understand their importance. I believe ctive and justified use of the political right given to citizens can improve country’s growth.

We can’t just blame the political system. We can see the present situation of voters who have no choice to elect better among the candidates for their constituency. Certain reforms should be brought such that the candidate stood for election shouldn’t have at-least a single case filed against him and investigating agencies like CBI should be given autonomous power as against under control under government. We can see many CBI cases haven’t been solved yet due to peer political pressure under the vested interests of the leaders. So we have to wake up and strive to take up an oath to remove corruption at the root level and thus ensuring the development of the country.

Our politics is not corrupt but who leads they are corrupt. Politics is a weapon that we can fight to corruption. Because if you are in politics so you are free their, only you have to give a command not request. So my point is if your honest and faith full and have the quality to lead the nation so from that place you can do it very well because our nation want to best and honest leader who can lead to our country.

A system is as good as the people manning the system. The people manning a system are as good as the principles a society holds dear. If the public holds dear to their hearts TRUTH and good values as much as Mahatma Gandhi did then our nation would not have faced separation and then wars and the politics would have run keeping the dirt out.

And the conclusion arises from all of that we can not just blame our politics or politician but a normal citizen can understand their responsibility towards our nation to build it corruption free, developed and try to move it to a new path of success.

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77 Responses to Is Backwardness consequence of our Political System or its other way round

  1. Today there is no fire in all our minds. Read history. Freedom need to be achieved, it does not come begging as a gift to a beggar. That is we are, beggars. We got freedom not fighting but begging. So we do not understand its value. (Read Attlee’s remark on why they left India-it is not for Gandhi’s Non Violance-INA and 1946 Arm revolution by Indian Navy and Army compelled them to quit- go deeper into the truth) Unless you sweat you do not feel its value. French Revolution, German Revolution, Russian Revolution, American (We are all eager to follow them and settled there as if there lies our salvation) war for independence all tells the same story. Unless you shed your blood, feel the pain and struggle for earning you do not value it. To us freedom is a type of luxury to have, money, fun, life style, copy european and american systems, – who cares for others? Hundreds of youth in the street remains onlookers when a girl is molested, when one is robbed or cheated. Let me not get involved is the theme, it is others problem. But when it affects you then why should you shout and cry for help! why can not you defend yourself because you are weak in mind. Because all of us are corrupt- physically, mentally and morally! ask yourself. If we fight together, march together, sleep together, eat the same food as a disciplined army then only we can stop these vandalism.

    I have seen Germans, French, Britishers, Chinese, how bold and fearless they are. They will never allow their administrators to do whatever they like. Because they have earned their freedom and livlihood. The never begged it. So do not lament on the street. We still liked to serve and be led by foreigners-Example Sonia Gandhi. Have you ever seen a Prime Minister of any country who can not stand erect and talk with a forceful voice ? If the foundation of freedom is on deception, the country and people will decieve each other-it is universal truth. To get real freedom we need to fight and that we are afraid of. Because each one of us do not like to sacrifice our comfort! let others go to hell!

    We forget that we are all Indians.

    There shall be one single constitution and rule for everyone; -no minority, Sc/St/OBC etc, Education on one footing, no haves and have not’s – !

    Thanks to my countrymen, I am now old but fire burns in me because I have lost my land in Bangladesh, you people have not. So do not just go on giving lip service and meaningless argument. Better keep quiet unless you can do something positive. !

    We forget that we are all Indians. There shall be one single constitution and rule for everyone; -no minority, Sc/St/OBC etc, Education on one footing, no haves and have not’s -.

    It is high time that country show all these corrupt genes to show the exit door- irrespective of any party or person in the arena !

    Our political system only spoiling our county development. The person who having money and popularity they only become a political leader in our county. The knowledge person and well educated persons are mostly avoiding this type of leadership. With the aim of money only the political leaders roaming in our county no one having the mentality to service to people and nation. In my view all politicians are making the peoples fool only.

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