Is Hyderabad better than Delhi for IAS coaching?

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Hyderabad is known for its IIT coaching centres but it is slowly becoming a hub for UPSC coaching centers as well. There has been a 57% increase in students who registered for UPSC from 2013 to 2016 in Hyderabad. During this time period, 64% more candidates cleared the prelims. This begs the question, “Is Hyderabad better than Delhi for IAS coaching?”

Let’s weigh the pros and cons of studying in Hyderabad and Delhi


Pros of studying in Delhi:

  1. Well known institutes that have a reputation for success.
  2. Availability of good study material
  3. Interaction with like-minded intellectuals who are also preparing for UPSC
  4. UPSC veterans can share their experiences with you.
  5. The faculty and infrastructure is top-notch.
  6. There are great institutes for coaching in Hindi medium.
  7. Abundance of good coaching centers.


Cons of studying in Delhi:

  1. Lodging and food are hard to find
  2. Living cost is very high
  3. Due to high numbers in every batch, students do not get individual attention.
  4. You may get homesick if you are away from home.
  5. There a lot of distractions if one is not careful.


Pros of studying in Hyderabad:

  1. Affordable living.
  2. Increase in good coaching centers
  3. The state government has started a scheme for 1000 minority students to help them crack prelims
  4. Fees is not as expensive as Delhi.
  5. Since the coaching institutes have fewer students, they are able to pay individual attention to each and every student.



Cons of studying in Hyderabad:

  1. The faculty may not be as experienced in teaching as they are in Delhi.
  2. Since they are just starting, the coaching institutes may not impressive results.
  3. The quality of study material is probably not as good as Delhi.



Is Hyderabad better than Delhi for IAS coaching?


OUR Verdict:

The short answer is no. Hyderabad is still an infant when it comes to IAS coaching. In the next 5 years, there may not be much difference in Delhi and Hyderabad. But, for now Delhi is better.

Additionally, many coaching institutes in Delhi have their websites that provide distance learning complete with notes and videos. You may enroll yourself online. At the end of the day, you have to study and the coaching can only take you so far.


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