Is India a soft nation ?

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Laconically I would like to say Yes ,India is a soft nation but for other countries and bureaucrats only. We normally see in our society, if mango people do some thing wrong,then all the rules & regulations are followed to some extent but if the same fault is done by famed person,then the rules & regulations are easily violated and they get escaped from that case.

For the case of country, I will take Pakistan as the best example.India always strives for non violence and world’s peace.In the last two decades, Pakistan encouraged terrorism despite we always initiate peace talks and even we have started Samjhauta Express for the better convenience.Here comes the soft nature of our country.

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3 Responses to Is India a soft nation ?

  1. Gourav Jain says:

    A mother is always soft at heard but when it comes to her children she roars like a lion.
    Just like that India is soft hearten, silent, and caring but when her children (we INDIANS) are mistreated India as whole awakes and makes sure that it is answered back with equal intensity.

  2. sonuarya says:

    yes! i m agree with you… i like your views….. good job you have done

  3. sonuarya says:

    yes! i m agree with your views…. i am cmpletly agree with you

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