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On the positive hand softness of India is very much beneficial to the citizens. We have people of all religions residing in our country peacefully. India is not an extremist state promoting a single religion or caste or creed. Every person irrespective of caste is granted equal rights and the freedom to practice duties. Also, people of backward classes both economically and socially are provided with subsidies regarding education, medical facilities, food grains etc. India runs democracy and supports peaceful collection of people for a horizon of reasons. There are limited laws on the society level.

We can enlist some points which can clarify that India is a soft nation:

1. India provides more freedom to its citizens than any other country. Indians can easily practice different religion, have different opinions on various issues and still live peacefully. People respect others with different opinions, and don’t involve violence for resolving issues.

2. On the political front, we have most rising politicians from the ground level, who understand the local problems. Hence it is most easy in India to peacefully protest against something.

3. Death Sentences are very rare in India, as we provide second chances to most people.

On the negative hand softness of India regarding corruption, terrorism and others have lowered the credibility of people over the ruling government. We say India is against corruption then who is the one doing it ? We have a large gap between the rich and the poor. Rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Main culprit is the lack of transparency in the distribution system. Pakistan has been has been hostile to us since long time. But no matter what, we keep on showing our forgiving nature despite of absolute disregard from the other side. External terrorism has always been a threat.

India’s foreign policy, its reaction towards captured terrorists and tackling problems of illegal migrants all together point out to one obvious fact our country is a soft country. There are certain issues on which our foreign policy is influenced by our vested interests which for the country’s sake is totally justified but as a result we might seem lost on the matter. This might depict India as a soft nation to outsiders. Our response towards terrorism is not so fearsome as is the case with United states of America. I believe that terrorists should be hanged in public to teach a lesson to militant organization not to ever throw an evil eye towards our country. We fail at this front. Take example of Kasab. After such a prolonged span of time Government has done what had to be done in the beginning. Pakistan soldiers get inside the LOC in the Poonj area and butchered two Indian soldiers, and look what Indian government does. Nothing!! We only ask the Pakistan ministers and generals if “really” Pakistan had hands in this. It should be “TIT FOR TAT”. It’s only due to the softness India has shown to them since 1947.

In all, Indian softness is what we also have to fight with and fight for.

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4 Responses to IS INDIA A SOFT- NATION?

  1. Gourav Jain says:

    A mother is always soft at heart. But when it comes in terms of her children then she can be a lioness in her act.
    So, is India and we Indians.
    We don’t interfere in any one until and unless we are stirred upon.
    Hope we all remembered the struggle to freedom.
    Indian was still the same, soft at heart until it had come to terms that threatened her national treasure, culture and heritage that made the British run out of our country.

  2. aratrika sengupta says:

    As per my knowledge concern, India is a soft nation in terms of treating the people and the way of responding to other people like foreigners and so on. As we all know that our India had a great history. We have great freedom fighters who sacrificed their life’s for our country. We have great Indian culture which is respected by other nations. I am not saying that there is no negative things there are some even though the greatness of our culture and all remains unchanged. Mainly the relationships in India plays vital role. The affections between the people and relations among them are very strong.
    Hence, India has the heart of a mother wanting to protect her people as her children. Thus definitely, there comes the word BHARAT MATA and i would abide by the words that India is a soft nation.

  3. Kriti Das says:

    India is a ‘soft’ nation in true sense.India is a country of rich cultural heritage and diversity.So as nation ,its tolerant attitude towards number of issues can be understood.But now this ‘softness’ is being perceived as the weakness of the state.This is ultimately leading to a increase in crime both in the country by its own country men as well by outsiders against the country.The khandhar hijack episode showed how vulnerable India as a nation is.This encourage the militants to engage in conspiracy against the nation.India is not taken very seriously in international front as well because of this ‘soft’ image.But the recent hangings of Kasab and Afzal Guru is going against the trend..It is high time that India as a nation realize that this ‘soft’ image is not doing any good.Criminals should be dealt with strictly so that a strong message is sent across the world that ours may be ‘soft’ country ,but it is competent enough to deal with those who have wrong intention against the state or its citizen.

  4. Oishi Chatterjee says:

    By the word “soft” we mean its fragile,can be easily turned up and have less strength in itself. So laws in India are made for the people, by the people and people are free to break the rules and regulations as and when required for their own benifits! And since India is a soft country they fail to prevent this and take actions on such people giving rise to corruption. On political fronts politicians are only much cared to win the votes rather than solving the problems and are much involved in making protest on other political parties. Over here death sentences can change into live sentences by the decision of supreme authorities, Even if the person is responsible for any act of guilty. So we can term India to be a “soft” nation…

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