Is it easy to crack IAS examination by IITians

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There is no doubt that IITians are born with brain.

IITians have passed graduation from the premier Institute of the country.

As far as the statistics is considered, it has been seen that these top graduated students will give the cut throat competition.

As we all know that day by day these examinations are becoming more analytical.

IITians are with good analytical thought process and good psychology.

When it comes to analytical approach, thought process of the candidate do matter. The IIT ants have the great technical thought process which suits well with the current updation in the requirements of candidate for UPSC examination.

These iitians are with the Perfect Combination of art, creativity and Science work well for serving the nation.

They are good percentage of IITians in civil services.

You will be wondering that, few IITians are the toppers of IAS examination. In fact out of total selection somewhere around 50% ias clearer are engineer by default.

Being an IAS aspirant you should have good knowledge of strategic, economics, Finance.

There are few discussions going on that not every IIT and almost IITM want to get into IAS. The reason being they put really hard efforts to get into the prestigious institutes to do some kind of innovative work.

Examples of UPSC toppers who are iitians

You might have heard the name of ira singhal, who was the computer science engineer and she topped in 2015.

Gaurav Agarwal, who was from IIT Kanpur topped in the year 2014 in the UPSC civil services examination.

You might have even heard the name of Nidhi Gupta who got the rank 3 in the IAS examination. She was from NSIT Delhi.

Wait, don’t think that there are some reservation for the students from IIT.

There are few natural good qualities in IITians which also give them the boost.


Just think like there is no doubt every year somewhere around 10 lakh people apply for UPSC examination. Out of approximately thousand people get selected. But the real competition is emandi Limited people.

Develop confidence

It is very important to develop confidence in yourself. Because you are going to clear some National Level Examination. IAS is not an easy exam. Everybody knows that.

Don’t become a to worried about the result just think IAS examination like some other examination. We all know that every year hundreds of examination like this happen in our country.

Learn time management

Start developing the time management if you are preparing for UPSC examination. I cannot emphasize it anymore because time management is the key for getting success in UPSC examination. Manage your stress as well and do not set false expectation.

Stop getting confused

You know what the best thing about iitians are they are pretty sorted in their mind.

This is not very hard to achieve friend.

In Delhi for UPSC preparation Patel Nagar and Rajendra Nagar is very famous. If you go there and meet different person you get to know different person is having different opinion to crack the UPSC examination.

All this and how it make you confused. So keep yourself limited to books, limited to resource and crack IAS examination.

You should not much think about like you whether you are IITian or some normal people. It’s more of about the dedication and the effort in the right direction, which can make you clear the IAS examination.

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