Is it good idea to prepare for UPSC while doing graduation from Allahabad University?

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Is it good idea to prepare for UPSC while doing graduation from Allahabad University?

About University of Allahabad

Established in the year 1887, the University of Allahabad is acclaimed for its efforts and contribution in Nation building. Under the administration of its Chancellor, Prof. Goverdhan Mehta and its Vice-Chancellor, Prof. R. R. Tewari, the university has seen a tremendous growth in terms of its educational policies and the placements it had provided the students over the years, have only got better with time.
The University in its 133 year history has produced many great noble souls. Any university is a type of a machine, with a fresh student coming out of the college, as an input raw material to the machine. The student throughout the process is bubbling with energy and having a desire to bring a change in the society, is converted into a finished product as a thoughtful and knowledgeable person, and is produced as an output. The University aims at giving wings to the desires of the students who are passionate about their dream to make the society proud by their achievements. It is the 4th oldest University in the country after Calcutta, Bombay and Madras Universities.

Allahabad University- The Oxford of the East

• The two states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar had produced the most number of IAS officers in the country and all thanks to Allahabad University.
• The University offers almost all possible undergraduate and higher degree courses (hence called as, “ The Oxford of the East”), which act as complementary courses for students willing to prepare for the IAS Civil Services Exam.
• It consists majorly of 5 faculty streams namely Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Management faculties with Arts faculty housing the administrative block.
• In order to have a global reach, the university is committed to advance the same facility to International students and impart quality education to them as well.
• There is the freedom to define and design the course content or start new courses.
• The University of Allahabad is socially and academically a vibrant place where all have space to express their views.
• The 33 departments of the University produced high-quality research publications, books, working papers, and D. Phil. theses.

Allahabad University & Its IAS Connection

Various hostels in the University which include A. N. Jha Hostel, Pant Hostel, G. N. Jha Hostel have best environment for Civil Services Exams preparation and are rightly called ‘the Factory of IAS’. The University is the Hindi Language oriented University and provides a perfect environment for IAS Aspirants willing to study Civil Services, specifically for the students with a Hindi Medium background.

The Arts Faculty syllabus of the Allahabad University stays almost in-line with the syllabus of UPSC CSE. The University Library provides the students with thousands of best books for IAS preparation. Given the perfect atmosphere and facilities provided by the university, it has turned into a hub of IAS Exam Students.

The faculty support is excellent for the graduation in Departments of Psychology, Economics, History, Geography, English, Hindi, Urdu, Philosophy, Political Science, Anthropology, Education and Management. Being Hindi medium oriented, the University is advisable to the students from Hindi medium background for higher education in degree courses because most of the Educational Institutions in the country have developed an English Language-based Education culture.

Achievements of the University

In the previous year, the University has produced a whopping 17 IAS Officers. The results of the University have been great in State PSC exams and other exams like UP SI, UP SSC, VDO, etc.

Conclusion on the University

Traditionally, we had always heard from people about the UPSC Exams being the toughest exams to crack as it requires a lot of determination and for many, years of practice. The truth is that it is a tough task to crack these exams. But tougher a victory is, one gets more satisfaction on conquering it. This applies to IAS Exam too as once you clear it, your life gets into a respectable position and on a more secured path.

The three stages of UPSC Exams that are UPSC Prelims, UPSC Mains, and UPSC Board Interview get more difficult and challenging as you clear each stage. The syllabus for UPSC Exams is very lengthy and one has to study wide range of subjects. The success percentage in clearing UPSC Exams is discouraging as it is less than 1%.

Keeping all this in mind, the question arises in mind, “Is it a good idea to prepare for UPSC while doing graduation from Allahabad University?

The basic requirements to help you with your preparation while doing graduation from Allahabad University are listed below:

  1. You need a thorough knowledge about the latest UPSC Syllabus, latest pattern, IAS Books, magazines to study current affairs and a proper strategy which is provided by the University in its graduation courses in the best possible way
  2. No regular classes need to be attended at Allahabad University during graduation which helps the student to create a plan to manage the time the student has in his hand before the exam.
  3. The University Hostel environment is such that it helps the students to develop a sense of confidence that they can make efforts to clear the exam without any coaching support and with peer pressure back of the mind.

One can join Allahabad University for graduation and UPSC preparation as it has the best of the setup required for any UPSC aspirant to crack the IAS Exam. Only the students with a strong base of Hindi Language are advised to go for Allahabad University else it will increase your effort and in some cases trouble other than difficulties in preparing for the exam. After all this, it is the matter of the efforts and the dedication a student puts into his preparation on which the result of the student depends more and less on the Classes or the University you are willing to join for your IAS preparation. Choose wisely and remember that it is a matter of pure hard work that will determine your success in UPSC Exams. Hope this article remains helpful in making the right decision.

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