Is it necessary to join a coaching institute for cracking the IIT JEE (with a good rank)?

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Getting admission in the top premier technology institute of India is a hard nut to crack. There is cut throat competition for limited number of seats and time is very less to prepare for the same. In this age of internet everybody has access to vast amounts of study material, but it is utmost essential to take professional guidance as the preparation for this competitive exam cannot be done in silos. Below are some of the strategies which further validate the point of having a coaching institute guidance.

1. Tips & tricks:- IIT JEE exam is not a test of your ability to cram paragraphs, or formulas but it tests your ability to handle pressure situation smartly. Each question needs to be dealt with a specific framework and a professional will provide such information basis your suitability and Intelligent Quotient levels.
2. Discipline:- In case you try to do it on your own you risk of developing a slackened attitude towards this important task. In its absence there are no daily lessons but everything is done in a haphazard manner with little planning.
3. Learn in a collaborative environment:- In such institutes it is sure to meet students with the same objective of cracking the IIT JEE, if you learn in an environment where there is help from fellow students, the difficult tasks become easy.
4. Healthy competition:- A healthy extra competition at these institutes pushes to study more and put more effort in the practice test sessions.
5. If not IIT:- These organizations make you aim the highest and even in a bad or a dismal performance will provide results which are at least satisfactory; i.e. even if you don’t get into IIT you will be able to manage a descent college seat in case of poor performance.
6. Make new friends:- Having a small circle of friends and that too only in school may make you more comfortable in your own little world and you may not get as much exposure as you should get. Here you can meet students from different schools and socialize. And in case you and your friends get into same college, it becomes easy to acclimatize in college where most of the people are strangers.

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