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Can you become an IAS officer in one year?


Although it is a truth that UPSC CSE is one of the most difficult exams in India to crack but it not true that you can not complete your preparation for it within one year. Most of the students already set their mind on this myth that it is impossible for us to clear our examination in the first attempt because one year is completely not enough for the preparations of exam. Due to this mindset only, there are a very few students who are able to clear their exam within a single year of preparation. There is no doubt that one year preparation is easy but it is also not impossible. You just need to work hard and set your mind. Then nobody can stop you from becoming an IAS officer in a single year.

Preparation planning

First of all you need a proper planning, strategy and execution of both of them to be able to start preparing. You just can not start studying randomly for hours and hours if you do not have a proper planning. So you need to keep this in mind that a strategy is necessary for you. Otherwise all the study is time waste as their is no target to achieve. Once you have set a target you need not study for hours and a time limited study is enough for you. Slowly complete the daily, monthly and weekly targets.

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And the second thing is that you need to understand the UPSC exam and it’s pattern before you start preparing for its syllabus. If you do not know what you are studying and what is its importance then it is of no use to keep working. So it is really important to study about UPSC and know exactly what it is and after that you can start preparing for the exam.

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Starting with the preparation

As the prelims are held in August, you can start preparing just one year before it. Start up with the basic syllabus first like the NCERT and other books from 6th to 12th because they set up the foundation of your learning for the UPSC CSE.If you want to join a coaching then first weigh the pros and cons of joining it and then join it. Plan your time table and daily targets. Buy books for each of the subjects but do not buy too many books for each one as it might be too hectic for you. When you start studying do not study for hours and study only to complete a particular target. Otherwise it may stress you. Also add some tasks to your continuous studying as it might be a rest time for you and would not make you dull and lazy. Do not set targets that are impossible to achieve or very difficult as it might burden you. The syllabus is vast and resources are also unlimited. That is why stick to the minimum resources and do not gather too much syllabus. Concise it and make notes of the limited syllabus and then keep on revising it repeatedly until you thorough with it. Also practice test papers and essays continuously. The previous year test papers will help you in your revision and you would be able to understand the exam pattern. Practice 1-2 essays daily as your thoughts and ideas are checked in this paper. When you choose for your optional subject always choose it according to your past knowledge on that subject and your interest in it. Otherwise you won’t be able to practice nicely for the optional. The last one is that do not forget the main reason for you becoming an IAS officer otherwise you may get demotivated.

Well being and health

When you are preparing for your exam you should not neglect the other important aspects of your life and get completely indulged in your studies. Your mental and physical health is also important for you and you should not sit for hours and stress yourself. Keep yourself healthy by exercising and meditating daily. You should also not cutoff from your friends and family as they are an important part of you and your life. You should give them time and they will help you in motivating you for your exam.

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